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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Really good week at Publix !

Gosh, I haven't posted a grocery trip in a while here! : )  This was one of my best ever Publix trips - I was able to stock up on so many things!

It is hard to see it all, so I'll give you the lowdown:

3 bags of Sargento shredded cheese
3 bags of fresh veggies
fresh apples
fresh pears
huge bell pepper
2 Crescent rolls
4 Green Giant frozen veggies
3 pizza crusts from the deli
12 cans of Hunt's tomato sauce
1 can mushroom pieces
Dill pickles
Progresso Bread Crumbs
2 cans evaporated milk
12 Yoplait yogurts
2 Land o Lakes spreadable butter
1 greenwise 4 pack toilet paper
2 Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner
Linguini (fresh refrigerated kind)
3 Wishbone salad dressings
2 lb tub of Sorrento Ricotta cheese
Publix brand saltines
2 8-packs Lance Sandwich Crackers
1 loaf fresh french bread from the deli
fresh roll from the deli
Acne Free kit for Katie
Clean and Clear for Katie
ROC complete lift serum for me

total spent: $32.24
total saved $103.47
or 76%

I had some amazing coupons this week: a $5 off $30 purchase from the paper, a $5 off 20 participating items: Hunts, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Progresso, $1.50 off deli bread when you buy Hunts Tomato sauce, $2 off 2 Scrubbing bubbles store coupon paired with $2 off 2 peelie on one of the cans (totally free!), $1.50 sargento store coupons, paired with 40 cents off 2 mfr coupon, and the last 3 face items were clearance ~ and I had $2 or $3 off coupons, so the most expensive item was only $1.75! Most other items had coupons or were B1G1, and I even had a $3 catalina from Kroger to use.  This shopping trip is one example of why I L-O-V-E Publix! Truly!! They make my $100 a week grocery budget streeeeeeeeetch so far!!
What was your best deal this week?  I love hearing them!!

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  1. That's one great group of stuff you got there!

    Thanks for linking up with say Hi Sunday! Following you back!

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower from the Relax Surf Sunday Blog Hop. Have a great day!


  3. That is an awesome trip. I so wish we had a Publix in NC!!! New follower from Relax & Surf!

    Take care,

  4. Wow!! That's a lot of goodies ;) So glad I found you through the bloghop-- Loving this blog. Hoping you'll stop by and follow me back.

  5. I use coupons too but I've never been able to save over 50% in one shopping trip. Great job! I'm following you back from Relax & Surf Sunday. Thanks for visiting!


  6. Great goodies!!

    So glad I've found you at last!
    I'v been looking for you around the web, -just to follow you back- actually for quite some time.
    As your profile pic doesn't link to your blog.
    I am so happy I've found you at last!!!

    Have a great

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  8. Sorry I meant to say Have a great day!

    (i'm always in a hurry lol)

  9. That is wonderful!! You are awesome!

  10. Hi!
    I'm your newest follower from Say Hi Sunday! Come on by and say hello! I hosting the Welcome Wednesday blog hop on my page. The linky is now open if you want to join the fun.

    Have a great week!

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  11. Thank you for commenting at the blog! I'm going to link to you from the blog Welcome Page! You made quite a haul there. Congrats.

  12. I love Publix! I so wish we had one where we live. When we visit my husband's family in Chattanooga, I always have to make at least one Publix run. =)

  13. Wow! what a lot of great deals! I use coupon also and it's always fun when you get such great deals!


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