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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tell me your favorite Apps for Android (or Iphone)

Last week I got my first smart phone! My husband got me the HTC Incredible, and though it seems smarter than me, I'm slowly learning to navigate it!  I've found a couple of apps so far that I absolutely LOVE! And that made me wonder, which apps do you love? Are there any you can't live without?  Here is my newbie list so far - these are all free, because as we all know, I am a frugal mama!!

Shazam - Katie introduced me to this last week, when a song from my youth came on Sirius 80's on 8... she held her phone to the speaker, hit a button and....shazam - it was Nightranger singing When you close your eyes! WOW!! So if you are enjoying the music and suddenly a song title or band name is eluding you, try this app and get instant brain relief - no more waking in the middle of the night with the answer popping into your head! lol

Cellfire -  this syncs with your online cellfire account to offer coupons and savings that can be loaded onto your store loyalty cards.  I've saved $20+ with cellfire coupons this year alone!

White Noise Lite - sound machine for your phone! It's got several noise options, including the ocean, rain, thunderstorm, white noise, fan, clock and more!

Games for my kiddos - Angry Birds, Ant Smasher, aTilt 3D labyrinth, Bubble Popper and Hungry Shark.  These were all chosen by my seven year old and he LOVES them.  My phone has become his entertainment!

Google Night Sky - aim the phone at any part of the sky and learn which constellations you are seeing - how cool is that?

Of course I added my favorite store apps: Kroger, Walgreens and Target so far.  nothing for Publix or Cvs yet...

There is an app called shopkick - they have you scan items in stores near you and you get points for each scan. Points can be traded for gift cards - I know a few people who use this and love it, so I'm going to try it too!  I have it downloaded, just haven't tried it yet.

Ok - there's my beginner list - let me know what you use!


  1. I've had my Samsung Epic for a while now and it still is smarter than me! Lol. I agree about the Shazam app, it has saved me from many sleepless nights! Haha. Another one of my favorite apps would have to be DISH Remote Access from DISH Network. It allows me to bring all my favorite TV programs with me on the go. I can watch live and recorded TV with my Android! It's pretty cool! I work and subscribe with DISH so all I had to do was download the free app and purchase a Sling Adapter for $99! I love it! Another one of my favs would have to be Abduction. It's a cute little game that my kids got me into. Quite addicting! :)

  2. try soundhound, its free and shazam only let's do a limited number of songs!


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