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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to prank your family for April Fool's Day!

While I'm not a fan of pranking people on April Fools Day, there is one tradition I LOVE to continue with my kiddos.  It's the freaky/crazy/surprising food choices of the day! For the last several years I have fooled them with all kinds of freaky foods!

I wish I had pics from all of our fun April 1st meals, but I don't. : ( Here are a couple of years worth:


Gross-out meal:

Dog food Dip with crackers served in a new dog food bowl from the dollar store.
inspiration from this recipe:  (I added a can of Chunky Sirloin Burger soup instead of the peppers)

Kitty Litter Cake -  served in a casserole dish lined with a slow cooker liner.  I couldn't bring myself to buy a kitty litter scoop to serve the cake with...ewww!
Here's the recipe.

Let's just say that my kids were NOT happy with me last year.  They were completely grossed out! Luckily, my husband liked the dip and the cake!!  I think the kids ate pb & j after they left the table in disgust. Bad mommy!

2009 April Fools Dinner:
Tricked Ya!!

Strawberry Cream Pie aka Meatloaf in pie crust frosted with tinted potatoes
(no recipe - just made a pie crust, filled it with my regular meatloaf, cooked, then topped with mashed potatoes I tinted with a little red food coloring!)

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (more like pimento cheese sandwiches!) aka pound cake slices filled with tinted frosting  (I know - they look awful, but at least they tasted good!!)

Fruit Punch aka Chilled Jello in glasses with straw

Both kids were mad that they couldn't drink their frosty drinks, and they were NOT happy about the meatloaf.  David refused to eat at all, but Katie tried it all and liked it all!

I've also done meatloaf cupcakes with the potatoes as frosting when Katie was small, and served peas and carrots candy (by Jelly Belly) or the fake rock candy that really looks like rocks! I've served a peach half over a spooful of vanilla yogurt for breakfast - looks like a fried egg, kind of!  And of course the jello in the glass gets kids every time! : )

For this April Fools, I've got a few good recipes up my sleeve.  I can't share yet, since Katie does sometimes read my blog - wouldn't want her to have a heads up! lol  I'll take lots of pics and share them with you after the first though!  There are lots of great ideas on the internet - just google April Fools Day food or menu and you'll get a bunch of suggestions!

What are your April Fools Day traditions?


  1. Hi Aimee, thanks for following my blog Playful Decor! This post is - well - disgusting! Funny, but gross! Good for you for having fun with April Fools! Have a great week!

  2. follower from Wandering Wednesdays Hop...hagw! Sue

  3. I've given you a stylish blog award. You can read about it on blog post. Just head over there to get the instructions.

  4. i'll stick only to the pie, pleaseeee!
    so cute!
    lovely photos!
    take care,

  5. oh these are hilarious and my kidlets would get a huge kick out of these tricksy foods...thanks for sharing at fridays a follower!


    stuff and nonsense

  6. April Fool s day is a day of fun and laughs and what would be far better than having a beautiful meal to go with it. Prepare them a special breakfast on April Fool’s Day using tiny quail eggs, fried sunny-side up, a small slice of toasted cocktail bread and a fried sliver of bacon. Serve the miniature April Fool’s Day breakfast on the largest serving plates you own. Fold a bath towel as a napkin, place large serving forks and spoons on the towel for your family to eat with, then call them for breakfast. The smell of fried bacon will wet their appetites and the prank will be on them.
    I found a lot of great ideas how to celebrate the day this year< a lot of pranks and jokes on Brows books, movies, TV shows. And be the first to yell "April Fool".


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