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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Restoration Series: Jonathan's Walk #FlyBy #TheRestorationSeries

Do you know someone in prison now, or who was a prisoner in the past?  If so, this might be something you will be interested in.

I was able to preview a really well-done documentary series about prisoners learning how to re-acclimate to the world outside of prison. They take part in something called the Prison Academy, and this story follows one prisoner as he is released from prison.

More about the series:
For years, Jonathan has been in prison. As a result, he has missed milestone
moments with his family. He wasn’t there for his daughter’s first day of school or a
thousand little experiences with his wife and as a father.   He is devastated to be
separated from those he loves most.

Jonathan has been looking forward to his release from prison for over a decade. So
many life events have been missed and he is now ready to be with his wife and kids
again. Of course, this transition isn't going to be easy. The odds are against him: with
over half of prisoners returning to prison within two years, Jonathan is aware of the
challenge set before him.

Still, he is determined to take the skills he has learned into the world outside of
incarceration and stay there, helping build the community that he is part of for years
to come.

Prison Fellowship presents The Restoration Series: Jonathan’s Walk, a 5-part
documentary film series following one man as he re-enters his community after 15
years in prison. It demonstrates in imagery, powerful storytelling and social
interaction what it means to be human and the shared need of all people to see
communities restored.

 Though America is home to only 4% of the world's population, we house more
than 20% of its prisoners. Recidivism–the tendency of a criminal to reoffend—is
out of control. The Restoration Series tells the story of men and women who have
experienced The Academy, a revolutionary in-prison program that is combatting
incarceration and recidivism head on.

This series ends on a very positive, hopeful note.  They also give an update on Jonathan and his family.  I hope and pray he is one of the lucky ones who makes it and never returns to prison.  He has so much to live for!  Check out the series and see what you think!

“Society says that most prisoners are coming back. But I know what’s inside of me, and I can confidently tell somebody, ‘I’m not coming back to prison.’ ” — Jonathan