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Homeschooling Resources

This wonderful blog has some great homeschool resources.  I like the planning pages she has linked to on this particular post.

Find out what holidays/events are are recognized for each day of every month!

 List of free or cheap resources for homeschool families!

So many great downloads for lessons, printing and cursive practice - a wealth of knowledge!

More free online resources, great site!

  Little House on the Prairie lapbooks - free printables!

  Free printable Mom's daily to-do list

Field Trip report (free printable)

We are using - and today in D's 5th grade Social Studies class ( we are studying slavery/pre-civil war history), this was one of the resources shared.  Really like it - lots to explore and learn about the Underground Railroad and how it was navigated.  We also found the song on youtube.

Here is another great resource for teaching the Underground Railroad - it's an online game that is available on the iPhone & Android as well.

We are reviewing for the GA Milestones test next week and this page has oodles of great FREE resources.  I found printable math, science and writing sheets that will be useful during our review!

Another free math printable that is super-helpful. (Gr 4-8)

Love the Pizza Hut Book It Program - kids get a free pizza each month they meet their reading goal set by their teacher (me, in our case).

The Bookworms Book Club will encourage your young reader.

Find out if your homeschooled child can skate free every week at a roller rink near you.

Another site for motivating your readers.  Free prizes, and more!

FREE printable First Day of School signs for each grade!
Stay tuned for more.....


  1. We are embarking on the homeschooling adventure! I appreciate your list!

  2. Many new homeschoolers are surprised to discover a wide variety of educational methods and philosophies. It's exciting to have the freedom and opportunity to mix and blend these styles, so find what works best for your own children.


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