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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A little taste of Hawaii in Georgia - Truett's Luau Chick-fil-A

The kids and I have taken so many day trips around Georgia over the years. I have thousands of pictures on my laptop, so I'm going to work hard to get these here on the blog this summer!

One of our favorite discoveries was Truett's Luau in Fayetteville!  It was opened by Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy in 2013, when he was 92.  This was his last project, and he put his heart and soul into it! He handpicked most every piece of decor, and he tested menu items as they were developed so that he could be sure a little bit of Hawaii was brought to Fayetteville, Georgia through the menu at this restaurant.

At 8000 square feet, this is a MASSIVE Chick-fil-A!  And it's beautiful - inside and out.   There are tropical plants, beautiful furniture, even ukeleles to take and play at your table!  This is the coolest place to spend time with your family, enjoying amazing food and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Choose to eat in the fast food dining room on your left, which is like any Chick-fil-A, or choose table service in the beautiful dining room to your right! We've only eaten in the table service side, which is pictured above.  It's bright, airy and absolutely lovely in there! Some of the tables are made of the most beautiful wood, as shown in the last picture.  That picnic-style table with benches is huge!

The menu has your favorite CFA items, but it also offers amazing Hawaiian specialties.   Appetizers include Calamari, Hawaiian Pork Nachos, and Tropical Nuggets (in an awesome sweet chili sauce!)
Appetizer Sampler with Lava Rocks, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries and Tropical Nuggets 

Hawaiian Pork Nachos 

For your entree, you can try a Kalua Pork plate, Mahi Mahi, Maui Shrimp or even Teriyaki Chicken!

They even have a burger!! The Luau burger is topped with fresh pineapple, bacon and colby jack cheese on a King's Hawaiian bun. Yum!! Or try an Awapui BBQ chicken sandwich or a Kalua pork sandwich.  So many choices!

Sides include Asian pasta salad, sweet potato waffle fries (my favorite!), pineapple fried rice, and stir-fried vegetables.  They also have the usual CFA salads, plus a Hula chicken noodle bowl.

Desserts here are something special.   Try a Frosted Pineapple (similar to the Frosted Lemonade, but with pineapple juice), or a Pineapple Macadamia milkshake.  Or the King's Hawaiian Bread Pudding, Skillet Cookie or Lava Cake.  Deliciousness!

Outside, the curb appeal is just as great as the decor inside!  Lush greenery, rocks, plus the typical landscaping care that is evident at all Chick-fil-A's make this place look beautiful.

I've gone with my kids, and I've also taken my sweet friend Katherine when she visited from Texas.  The service is perfect and the food is like nothing I've ever had in Georgia.  It's a long drive from NE Gwinnett, but it is surely worth the stressful Atlanta traffic - I promise!  I can't wait til our next visit!

Some of our favorite choices here are the pork nachos, tropical nuggets, teriyaki chicken, those delicious sweet potato waffle fries, and the frosted pineapple!!  Everything we have tried is delicious and freshly cooked to order.  If you have time to make that drive, you've absolutely GOT to give Truett's Luau a try!!

Their address is: 600 West Lanier Ave., Suite 103
Fayetteville, GA 30214
(770) 461-5828

The website is here.  You can see the menu items here!
Thanks for stopping by!

Have you been to Truett's Luau?  If so, what did you think?  What is your favorite item on the menu?

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Travel - Things to do in the Outer Banks, part 1

After spending a long weekend in the picturesque villages along the Outer Banks, I can't believe it took me this long to visit!  Yes, it is a 10-hour drive from the north side of metro Atlanta, but it is truly worth every minute it takes to get there!  We only went for 4 nights but we should have stayed at least a full week - there was so much more to see!

On our first day, we went to Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, which is located on Roanoke Island, in Manteo.  It was about a 15-minute drive from Kill Devil Hills. 

Earthen walls are all that remain of Fort Raleigh

Fort Raleigh is where the Lost Colony was last seen.  If you don't know this story, it is fascinating.  And over 400 years later, it is still America's longest unsolved mystery. 

Schedule your visit to the site so that you can take part in the Ranger talk.  The Ranger has great information about the history of the Fort and shares some of the possible theories of what happened to the Lost Colony.  You can walk out back and see the ruins of the original earthen walls of the fort.  The Visitor's Center has a wonderful exhibit about the history of the area, as well.  We spent about 2 hours there and enjoyed it so much! 

Down by the water, if you're there during the season, you can watch a live performance of The Lost Colony.  This Friday, May 31, they open for their 82nd season!  I hope to go back in the next year or two and see this! Here's the FB page for the play.

While you're on Manteo, visit the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. It's really close to Fort Raleigh.   The prices are affordable, and it's a great aquarium! We really enjoyed the Turtle rescue/hospital area, and the sting ray touch tank!  The jellyfish and sea horses are always my favorites at every aquarium, and this one didn't disappoint!  There are plenty of interactive displays for both little and big kids. 

Outside there is a long pier to walk on, a dinosaur fossil dig, and other cool things to see! A great place to visit for a few hours, for sure!!

I hope you enjoyed these fun things to do! Click the links for pages or websites to get all the information!

I'll post more of our favorite activities from the OBX next week. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Let a robot serve you lunch at Big Bang Pizza!

My son just completed his first year of high school, so yesterday we went out to celebrate!

I saw Big Bang Pizza on Good Day Atlanta several months ago, and put it on my list of places to check out.  So glad we did!

Located at 3043 Buford Highway in Brookhaven, the building is in the back of a parking lot, sort of behind another building.  We missed it the first go round and had to u-turn and go back.  When we walked inside, we were greeted by a small robot named Pepper.  She is adorable, and you can choose different things for her to do from the tablet on her chest.  She can tell you a story, dance for you, or even take a selfie with you!

Order at the counter, and then pick a seat and put your number on the table.  A few minutes later, one of the larger server robots will deliver your food on a tray right to your table!

The dining room is large and bright, and they play fun, upbeat music.  If you order a fountain drink, Jones Soda Company sodas will be your choices!  David got Berry Lemonade and I had Root Beer.  For our lunch, I chose the pizza with a side salad, and he just got pizza. 

My pizza had meatballs, pepperoni and green olives and it was so perfect! Crispy crust, just the way I like it.  My side salad was loaded with veggies and had creamy Italian dressing.  David had cheese pizza and proclaimed it to be amazing! 

Before we left, we refilled our drinks and purchased ice pops from a little freezer by the door.  We both got the Oreo pops and oh my goodness were they ever refreshing!  It was a great lunch at a fun little place!! I hope we can go back again this summer!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Travel - Where to eat in the Outer Banks off-season, part 1

I've been home from our trip for two weeks now, and my heart still yearns for the beauty of the Outer Banks.  So to help, I'm revisiting our trip here on the blog!

Because we went during the off-season, a lot of places were closed.  But we were able to find some great places while we were there!

My son and I don't eat seafood, but my husband does.  I researched restaurants online before we went so that I could find places that would have food we would all enjoy!

Our first night, we planned to eat at Barefoot Bernie's.  They were PACKED!  So, we went across the street to a little place called Max's Pizza Co.  So glad we decided to try them out!  The owner was so friendly and told us everything is made homemade from scratch.  My husband ordered a calzone, I tried a club panini, and our son had pizza.  It was delicious! And we shared tiramisu for dessert.  Yum!!  Check them out:

The next day we were able to visit Barefoot Bernie's. Yay!! It was as good as the reviews I'd read promised!  We started out with a side of crispy onion tanglers. Delish!  For dinner, I had a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich with fries, my son had a chicken sandwich and my husband had the El Chupacabra tacos. The food here was different and tasted fantastic! The menu has lots of fun offerings, sure to please everyone!

Click on pics to see larger image! 

You can find more about Barefoot Bernie's here! (Literally located right across the street from Max's Pizza Co!)  The vibe here was beachy and fun.  We really enjoyed it!

That's all for today - more later this week!  Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Travel - The Outer Banks of North Carolina

We just returned home last week from what turned out to be one of my favorite trips ever!

For Spring Break, my husband, son and I drove from NE Georgia to the Outer Banks. It was about a 10 hour drive without stops, almost 13 for us with stops and a longer break for lunch with my Aunt in Wilson, NC.

We stayed in Kill Devil Hills, at the Days Inn Mariner.  It's an older motel, but right on the beach, and the two bedroom suite was wonderful for our family!  Great wifi and free hot breakfast every morning made this a great choice for us.  And those beach sunrises - ahhhh!

Over the next week or so, I'll share some of our favorite places we discovered.  It was an amazing trip and I cannot wait to go back again!!  I'll leave you with one of the best parts of our vacation - seeing the beautiful Inn at Rodanthe house from the movie Nights in Rodanthe.  It's spectacular in person, y'all!

**This trip was not sponsored in any way, I just loved the places I plan to share with y'all!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Restoration Series: Jonathan's Walk #FlyBy #TheRestorationSeries

Do you know someone in prison now, or who was a prisoner in the past?  If so, this might be something you will be interested in.

I was able to preview a really well-done documentary series about prisoners learning how to re-acclimate to the world outside of prison. They take part in something called the Prison Academy, and this story follows one prisoner as he is released from prison.

More about the series:
For years, Jonathan has been in prison. As a result, he has missed milestone
moments with his family. He wasn’t there for his daughter’s first day of school or a
thousand little experiences with his wife and as a father.   He is devastated to be
separated from those he loves most.

Jonathan has been looking forward to his release from prison for over a decade. So
many life events have been missed and he is now ready to be with his wife and kids
again. Of course, this transition isn't going to be easy. The odds are against him: with
over half of prisoners returning to prison within two years, Jonathan is aware of the
challenge set before him.

Still, he is determined to take the skills he has learned into the world outside of
incarceration and stay there, helping build the community that he is part of for years
to come.

Prison Fellowship presents The Restoration Series: Jonathan’s Walk, a 5-part
documentary film series following one man as he re-enters his community after 15
years in prison. It demonstrates in imagery, powerful storytelling and social
interaction what it means to be human and the shared need of all people to see
communities restored.

 Though America is home to only 4% of the world's population, we house more
than 20% of its prisoners. Recidivism–the tendency of a criminal to reoffend—is
out of control. The Restoration Series tells the story of men and women who have
experienced The Academy, a revolutionary in-prison program that is combatting
incarceration and recidivism head on.

This series ends on a very positive, hopeful note.  They also give an update on Jonathan and his family.  I hope and pray he is one of the lucky ones who makes it and never returns to prison.  He has so much to live for!  Check out the series and see what you think!

“Society says that most prisoners are coming back. But I know what’s inside of me, and I can confidently tell somebody, ‘I’m not coming back to prison.’ ” — Jonathan

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Summer Travel - DC & Virginia - Oz Restaurant and Bar

We took a 2nd trip to Washington DC earlier this year.  It is such an amazing place to visit with your family!

Lots to share about this, but wanted to start with Oz Restaurant in Arlington, Virginia.

I really wanted to eat here because I'm a dork.  I adore Ashley Darby on Real Housewives Potomac, and she and her husband own this restaurant.  He is Australian so the menu offers lots of Australian-themed food. It was on my list of places to visit when we went back to DC!

The interior is lovely. Lots of fun touches, like boomerangs on the wall, and bamboo in the foyer. 

My husband is a very adventurous eater.  As in, he'll try anything once! So I knew he would love their exotic menu

He had a beetroot slider first, then he chose the camel burger for his entree! What!?

Beetroot slider
He said it was delicious, and quite tender.  And he looked like a goofball when I took this picture!

I am not adventurous when it comes to food! So my son and I ordered from the regular menu. 

I ordered the crumb steak. It's chicken wrapped in prosciutto, with sweet potato mash and charred brocollini, topped with almonds and mushrooms.  This was a really tasty meal! I didn't know it had mushrooms, as that wasn't on the menu.  I didn't eat those.  But the sides and the crumb steak were amazing.

We also got to try these delicious vegemite biscuits while we waited for our entrees.  They were so good!

David had Greek flatbread but we didn't take a picture of it.

For dessert, he and I shared Aussie banana pudding, with salted caramel bananas and anzo cookies, topped with whipped cream and berries.  My husband had the golden turmeric milk.  What a lovely meal - we still talk about it 5 months later!  It does look like they have a new menu on the website now (we were there in May), but I'm sure everything will be just as delicious!  (Crumb steak and Greek flatbread are no longer options).

We parked in a parking garage on the same block as Oz, and did a quick walking tour of the Monuments in DC after dinner.  Such a great time!

Oz is located at  2950 Clarendon Blvd. Arlington, VA and hours are as follows:

Monday-Wednesday // 4pm-12am
Thursday-Friday // 11:30am-2am
Saturday // 10am-2am
Sunday // 10am-12am

If you are in the area you have to stop by!

More on our DC trip coming soon!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Giveaway: Chris Tomlin Holy Roar #HolyRoar #FlyBy

Good morning! How is it November already?!  I am back with a fantastic giveaway and a CD you're going to adore.

I received a copy of Chris Tomlin's new CD, Holy Roar.  I've listened to it quite a lot over the last hectic week, while running errands and even during a quick trip to Northeast Georgia with my family last weekend. These songs offer beautiful reminders of how much God loves each and every one of his children.  Chris's signature style comes through on these songs, and they are exactly what you expect from him - worship and praise music to sing along with wherever you are.

Holy Roar is about the freedom, the experience, the wonder of worship. It is seeing the church come together, hands lifted to God, pouring out our praise with an eternal song in our hearts. It’s every voice together, changing the way we worship.

I'm listening to this CD (again!)  and I can tell you that a few of these songs have quickly become favorites. 

His lyrics are familiar to churchgoers because many of his songs have become standard praise music at our churches.  "At the Cross", "Even So Come", "Home", and so many more of his songs bring us together in worship.  This album will introduce you to new favorites that are sure to be played on your radio and at church.

Chris Tomlin is one of the most heralded singer-songwriters in the world who has amassed an impressive body of work. He has sold more than 8 million albums, 11.3 million digital tracks with 16 #1 singles. Chris is one of only four artists ever to receive the Sound Exchange Digital Radio Award for over 1 Billion digital radio streams, others include Justin Timberlake, Pitbull and Garth Brooks. The Grammy® winner’s list of music awards include an American Music Award, 3 Billboard Music Awards, 21 Dove Awards, a BMI Songwriter of the Year Award and more. Chris’ concert tours have sold-out venues in major cities including New York City’s Madison Square Garden, The Forum in Los Angeles, Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena and Red Rocks in Denver, among others. This spring, Chris marked another career milestone by launching his own imprint record label, Bowyer & Bow, in partnership with Capitol Christian Music Group.

Impressive, right?

Click here to listen to "How Sweet It Is"

I promise this will be a CD you play over and over again, and you will always feel refreshed and uplifted after listening. What a great way to fill your spirit with the promise of God's love for us.  It's so good, y'all.  It's available for purchase here.  This would be a great Christmas gift!

I have a copy to give away, too!  This is a quick turnaround giveaway, so make sure you check your email early next week, as I need my winner's information FAST!

Enter through my rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Summer Travel - Panama City Beach, FL - David's Sno-Balls

Hey y'all!!  No excuse for not writing sooner - it's just been hectic!!

I have so much to get caught up here on the blog!  Especially fun places from our travels over the past year and a half.  Today I want to share a yummy place we stopped at in Panama City Beach, Florida back in November! We're still thinking about how good it all was!

David's Sno-Balls features New Orlean's style sno-balls and boy, are they great!  These are like  shaved ice or a snow-cone.  They have  a bunch of flavors, and some fun options for them, too!  There was a stuffed sno-ball that had creamy soft-serve ice cream right down the middle of the sno-ball.  They can make a Sno-shake with any flavor, or a Sno-ball pie, which is a sno-ball layered with graham cracker crumbs and sweetened condensed milk. Wow!! 

Some of the flavors they offer include Bahama Mama,  Birthday Cake, Blue Raspberry, Cappuccino, Cherry, Cheesecake, Cotton Candy, Fireball, Hurricane, Key Lime, King Cake, Peach, Peppermint, Pink Lemonade,  Red Velvet Cake, Tsunami, Watermelon and Wedding Cake.   But there are so many more!!  You can choose to add toppings, or pick from cream flavors and sugar free flavors, too.

They also make terrific beignets!! If you haven't ever had a beignet, they are like pillowy puffs of dough sprinkled with powdered sugar.  David's offers 3 beignets per order, or a dozen baby beignets per order.  They are delicious!

David's isn't just about delicious desserts though. You can enjoy fabulous food if you are ready for a meal before your Sno-ball.  Choose from daily specials that include red beans and rice, jambalya, gumbo and shrimp etouffee.  Or try a Po-boy with roast beef, shrimp, oysters or other choices.  They also make a yummy Muffuletta on authentic bread with homemade olive salad.  Delicious, y'all! 

There are kid-friendly choices such as hot dogs, PB &J, grilled cheese and sides of Zapp's potato chips in several varieties and french fries. 

This is definitely on our list of places to visit the next time we are in PCB! We had great food, the owner was very friendly and the staff were too. 
Check them out!! David's is located at 13913 PCB Parkway, across from Carrabas in the Bid-A-Wee Shopping Center.  Open Mon - 11 - 8, Tues-Sat 9 - 8  and Sunday 12-8.  Their website is here.

I bet you'll love them like we did! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Adored Devotional for Girls Giveaway #FlyBy #AdoredByGod

If you have a teen-aged girl on your Christmas list this year, I've got a wonderful gift idea to share with you!

Adored is a beautiful hardcover book that she'll look forward to reading!

Each day features an easy-to-read, relevant devotion paired with a scripture verse and journaling space to help readers reflect on the day’s message. The book tackles tough topics girls face, from bullying and social media to friendships and dating, all the while showing readers how infinitely precious they are in God’s sight.

Don't you agree that this is a wonderful gift for a special young lady?!

Let your girl know how special she is by giving her this devotional book for Christmas!  It's for ages 13 and up.

You can purchase it here for $14.99.    Visit this site to get a free seven -day download!

I've also got a copy of Adored to give away to one lucky winner!  Enter through my Rafflecopter widget below.  Please share using the social media buttons below this post too!

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!