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Saturday, July 29, 2023

Maintaining weight loss! Part 1

Hey friends!! Wow, it's been a year!  

Since the end of 2021, I have gotten divorced, dipped my toes into the dating world of the 2020's, bought 2 cars, rented a beautiful place to live, gained an empty nest, and lost a LOT of weight!!  

I will probably detail more of that in future posts, but I wanted to share some things that are helping me maintain that loss right now, as well as lose a little more and get STRONG! 

With both of my parents, June 2023 💗 

Today let's focus on something I just started doing in March of this year - exercise. 
I go to the gym a lot! Planet Fitness is a gem at under $25 a month.  I go 5 days a week when I can. Even when I'm traveling!  

I also have a loft space in my home where I have set up a mini gym - complete with kettlebells, a pilates bar, resistance bands, pilates ring circle, yoga mat, roller and more.   

I have just started using my little home gym this week but YouTube is AMAZING for finding workouts that will help me get stronger!   I've done kettle bells and pilates bar workouts so far.  Yoga, stretching and more to come.

I turn 55 next weekend, and strength is what I'm aiming for these days!!  I also have a DB Method machine  aka Dream Booty Method machine (it's in the pic, so sad looking on the floor!) but my movers took it apart, and didn't leave all the parts at my new place.  So I've been without it for over a year.  One day, I'll figure out what's missing and get it together! I need it - it works wonders in building up your 🍑

My little home gym upstairs in my loft

Downstairs in my living room, I have a recumbent stepper that I use for cardio.  Just got it, but it's easy on my joints and a good replacement when I can't get to the gym.  (I've been without a car this week as mine is in the dealership for warranty-covered repairs.)   I also have a rebounder, not pictured, that I bring in from the garage as well.  I use these in front of my tv, because I need to be distracted to hit 40 minutes!  At the gym, I listen to podcasts or audible books.  

My stepper usually resides in the back hall or next to my hutch.  It's big and bulky,
but I live alone now and can leave things where I want 😂  

Next post will focus on my favorite food group - PROTEIN! 

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