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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Online Sale at Ballard Designs through March 20th

I *drool* over the Ballard Designs catalog and website.  Their gorgeous home furnishings are out of my price range for now, but they do serve as inspiration for things around the home! 

I just received an email about their weekly sale and it looks like anything that hangs on your wall is 20% off this week!

Take this burlap message board:
Even with the 20% off it is still $39.  I'm thinking this would cost under $5 to make ~ looks like those upholstry nails around the edge, and I've heard you can buy the board at home depot for uber-cheap.  Just cover with burlap, add the nails and voila!

Or this ~ the Madison corkboard:

Gorgeous, no?  But the price (before sale) ranges from $299 to $99.  People, check the picture section of your Goodwill or Thrift store! I see beautiful frames with ugly pictures all the time! Spend $10 for the frame, take out the glass, cover the picture with cork (buy cork at the craft store in rolls), and use a little paint, stain and sandpaper to distress the frame.  You'll have a Ballard-inspired corkboard for a fraction of the cost! No one has to know how cheap it was to make unless you want them to!

I tried to find a coupon code for Ballard Designs to share with you, just in case you wanted to spend the money on some of their beautiful home furnishings, but they have requested that the legit coupon code sites block user submissions of coupon none are out there. 

Have you ever made a Ballard-inspired item for your home? If so, I'd love to see it! Leave me a link to check it out!!


  1. Hi Aimee! I just wanted to pop in and let you know you are a winner in my Purex Crystals giveaway(I sent an email as well). Please contact me at agoddessoffrugality at gmail dot com.



  2. Great site!
    Following from the blog hop!
    Hope you can follow me too:

  3. I might try to make one of those message boards! Love it! Following you now from the blog hop! Would love a follow back!

  4. I sooooo agree with you about the frames! Some of my favorite big, chunky frames were actually picked up at someone's curb. Crazy!

    (Check out Knock Off Decor... it's nothing but bloggers doing their own (cheaper) versions of PB, Ballard, etc.)

  5. Thanks Vivienne! I follow & love Thrifty Decor Chick & House of Hepworths because they do their own versions of the Ballard & PB stuff - I'll have to check out Knock Off Decor too!! : )



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