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Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami....

Such awful news to wake up to this morning.  The news clips of the tsunami hitting Japan are horrifying.
Such devastation.  Unimaginable.

I have a sweet friend in Hawaii (we were friends first in high school, a long time ago!) and she and her family are evacuating to higher ground as I type this. I can't imagine the terror of being awakened by sirens announcing a tsunami warning, can you? And having to pack your family in your car and leave, not knowing when you will come home, or if there will be a home to come back to?

The tsunami should hit their island in the next hour.  Please pray for all of those affected by these natural disasters....God Bless them, and keep people in the line of the tsunamis safe.


  1. I can't even concentrate on the blogging today. I keep thinking how people are fighting for their lives and searching for loved ones while I'm painting. It's terrible and I'm heart broken for them. Thank you for posting this on your blog.

  2. Just a quick update. Page and her family did evacuate to a shelter, but they were fortunate and were able to return home soon. The media isn't talking about damage there, but look at the pictures here
    There were 5 homes completely swept away, and many businesses, hotels and even roads that were heavily damaged. Keep praying for those in Japan, Hawaii and everywhere else that was affected yesterday....

  3. Praying for all those people! Thanks for following! Following you back!


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