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Saturday, February 19, 2011

ZarBee's All Natural Cough Syrup Review & Giveaway!!

UPDATE!!! February 26, 2011
Good evening! Just used to pick my two winners!!

For the bottle of ZarBees - the winner is comment # 10 - Swhitaker99 (just emailed you!)
and for the To-go packets from ZarBees the winner is comment #6 - Libby! (don't see your email address, but will post it on my FB post where we communicated before! : )

Please send me your mailing addresses within 48 hours so I can have my husband mail these from work to you!
Thanks so much for entering the contest, and I've got a Purex giveaway coming very soon so check back here on the blog often!
~ Aimee

I tend to be a little protective when it comes to medicating my kids.  I don't like to give them a lot of over the counter medicines ~ have you seen the list of ingredients? Have you watched the news to see all the recalls?  I just don't like medicine, unless it is really and truly necessary! 

Living in Georgia, where the weather fluctuates constantly during the Fall, Winter & Spring, we get lots of colds and coughs.  So for a few years, I've made my own cough syrup for David. (To be honest, Katie is almost 17 and doesn't like my version - she prefers Dayquil & Nyquil for her colds these days - *shudder*)    You can find my recipe under the tab above for herbal remedies, it's called Aunty Aviva's Cough Syrup Blend.  But I will warn you, not only is it time consuming to make, I have to go to downtown Atlanta, then to Tucker and Stone Mountain to get all of the herbs I need for it! I used to buy them in bulk so I wouldn't have to take a day traveling all over Atlanta to find everything I needed!  It has honey and herbs that are good for cough and respiratory issues - such as slippery elm, coltsfoot, mullein and more.  David loves the flavor, and it does help control his coughing quite a bit. 

Then one day, another blogger (I truly don't remember who it was - I believe it was last summer and I wasn't blogging like I am now) mentioned ZarBee's.  I did some research to find out more, and liked what I read.  A few days later, ZarBee's announced a "try it" deal for something like $3 a bottle - so I bought one online to try at home.  It was a honey-based syrup, like my homemade version, which was a big plus!  Honey is very soothing to scratchy throats, and is purported to boost immunity.  A few weeks later, both kids had a summer cold, since it was back to school time and there was lots of germ-sharing going on!  We had purchased the lemon flavored ZarBee's and the first time he tried it, he honestly didn't care for it.  (It doesn't have the artificially sweet flavors of some of the medicines you will buy, but it does have a pleasant taste!)  I kept giving him the syrup as needed, and before long, he loved the flavor! He didn't need a water chaser to get it down, and most importantly, it controlled his cough.  We had found our new cough syrup!

ZarBee's was developed by pediatrician and father, Dr. Zak Zarbock.  He created ZarBee's so he could have a safe, effective and natural remedy to recommend to his young patients. (Because it contains honey, it is ONLY for children 12 months and older). It was wonderful to find a medicine that you can feel confident giving to your kids, knowing it is safe and will actually do what it claims to do!   (It works for adults too!)

It is made with a blend of Dark Honeys (rich in anti-oxidants), water, natural flavors, Vitamin C, Malic Acid, which is a natural fruit acid that may boost immunity, Zinc and Tartaric Acid.   That's a small and all-natural list of ingredients compared to some of the big name OTC medicines you'll find at the drug store!!  It's also gluten-free, dye and preservative free, contains no alcohol, and it comes in lemon, cherry and grape flavors. As I mentioned before, the lemon is David's favorite!

I love that the company offers Ask a ZarBee's Nurse on Twitter. If you have a medical question about your kids, you can send a tweet and get a response back! It's like having your own nurse on call 24/7!!

You can find ZarBee's at many stores, or online.  Check out the store locator for the location closest to you.  And keep an eye out at for $1 or $2 off coupons - they offer them fairly often! 

Now for the giveaway details!
ZarBee's sent me two bottles of their All Natural cough syrup in natural grape flavor: one to try and one to give away!  They also sent some "to-go" packs, which are great for carrying in your purse!  I will draw two winners this time:  One person will win the 4 oz bottle of ZarBee's All natural cough syrup - natural grape flavor, and one person will win 3 "to-go" packs of ZarBee's All natural cough syrup - natural cherry flavor!

Contest will run through 11:59 pm EST Friday, February 25.  You have several ways to enter, so good luck!

Mandantory Entry:
Visit ZarBee's on Facebook and like their page, then leave me a comment saying you did with your FB name.  This will be verified at the time I draw winners, and if the mandatory entry wasn't completed, another winner will be picked!

Additional entries:

Follow me on FB and leave me a comment with your FB name.   1 entry

Visit the ZarBee's website, then leave me a comment stating what you like the most about their All Natural Cough syrups.  1 entry

Follow my blog via GFC, leave me a comment saying you are.  1 entry  (link on right sidebar)

Follow me on Twitter, leave a comment with your Twitter ID.  1 entry

Follow ZarBee's Ask a Nurse on Twitter, leave a comment with your Twitter Id. 1 entry

Sign up for my feed, then confirm it via email.  1 entry  (link on right sidebar)

Tweet about this contest, leave me 2 comments with the url to your tweet. 2 entries

Post a link to this contest on your blog, leave me two comments with the url to the post.  2 entries

Please leave your email address in EACH comment so I can reach you if you are the winner!
Winning entries will be drawn on Saturday, February 26, and winners notified by email over the weekend.  Winners will have 48 hours to respond back, or a new winner will be drawn.
I will mail the prizes within one week of receiving winners' mailing addresses. *Usually prizes are mailed by the sponosring company, but these prizes were mailed to me.*
Once I drop the two winners' packages off at the post office and into the care of the USPS, I can't be responsible for lost or stolen mail.

Thanks for entering my contest, and thank you to ZarBee's for the two prizes!!

UPDATE ******As I was finishing up this review, I saw this new bottle swap promotion on their site.  It does involve a little work on your part, but basically, post a picture showing you getting rid of your old cough medicine on their Facebook page,  then buy a bottle of ZarBee's, and send the receipt to them - they  will reimburse you for the cost!   You've got to purchase your ZarBee's by next Friday, February 25 and the receipt must be received by them by March 31.  Check out all the details on the bottle swap here.

Disclaimer:  ZarBee's provided me with two bottles of their cough syrup - one to try and one to give away, as well as a package of to-go packs to test and give away.  All opinions in the review are my own honest opinions, and not influenced by the free products.  I contacted them about sponsoring this giveaway, that is how much I love and believe in their product!!


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