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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day ~ What will General Beau Lee find outside his mansion?

Here in Georgia,  we have a groundhog named General Beau Lee who comes out of his white-columned Southern mansion at the Yellow River Game Ranch to see if he will spy his shadow.  This furry little weather forecaster has 94% accuracy in predicting the weather on Groundhog Day!  It's the one day of the year he has to work, and media from around the globe call the hotlines to find out General Lee predicts!!

If he does see his shadow tomorrow, that means we've got at least six more weeks of the nasty winter weather we've had thus far.  And if he doesn't see his shadow, then we should have spring temperatures within the next six weeks!! (** fingers crossed that he doesn't see his shadow - pretty please!!**)  General Lee's annual forecast will be on local tv and his prediction will be announced on Twitter, as well!

If you are a local, you can get into the Yellow River Game Ranch for free between 6 and 8 am tomorrow morning to watch General Lee firsthand!

UPDATE!!! He didn't see his shadow - so Spring's coming soon!!

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  1. We have Puxatawny Phil. Or so they say. There's no way a ground hog could possibly live that long.

    I stopped by from lovin my little ladies-thanks for following me! I'm returning the favor!


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