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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Halloween Tree

Sorry for missing my entry for yesterday. So far I'm not doing so well in the "post every day in Sept." challenge I signed up for!! But this one was not my fault!! Tuesday night we lost our internet, and it just came back up this afternoon!

So here is my first post for tonight, and another will soon follow.

I am getting my Halloween decorations out and ready to use, so I was kind of stumped by the bag of small metal ornaments I picked up at a thrift store. They are very lightweight, and so cute. But what to do with them? A wreath? A garland? that my Easter box in the attic? And is there an Easter tree in there? Where's my can of spray paint?!

So five minutes later....

and once it was dry, I decorated it with the ornaments and some pieces of trick or treat ribbon.

So now I'm imagining all the other things I can come up using these cute trees from Dollar Tree:

Valentine's Day tree, painted white and decorated with hearts and ribbon
Easter tree (duh!)
April Fool's Day - something whacked out - just ask my kids how much I LOVE this day!
Mother's Day tree with ornaments of mom's fave things
Father's Day tree with ornaments of his favorite things
4th of July tree with stars and ribbons
Birthday tree for each kiddo with ornaments of favorites )or maybe with little tiny gifts?)
Back to school tree - with little erasers, apple ornamets, etc
Happy Fall Tree with leaves, acorns, etc
Halloween tree - (duh!! )
Thanksgiving tree with strips of paper naming things or people we are thankful for
Christmas tree (duh!!)
Happy New Year tree with ribbon, confetti, tiny champagne glasses, black top hats

Whew! Did I miss any holidays or events? Please leave your ideas in the comments - we could definitely start a huge new trend with these little trees ~ lol!

I will need to get 2 more of the trees - one I'll paint white, and one gold. I can't wait to get started with these next spring when they are back in the stores in time for Easter!

Do y'all decorate trees for holidays besides Christmas?

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  1. You are very creative. I would never think of these things!


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