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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween party 2009

Last year we had a get-together with another family for Halloween. (It technically wasn't a party - there were only 7 of us!) It was so much fun, and the food and decorations were cute & gross at the same time! lol

Here are some of my favorites!

This little guy is fondly known as the puking pumpkin....nice! That was a yummy cheese & sausage dip our friends brought. Pumpkin was done by moi! Behind him you'll see the marshmallow ghosts topped with chocolate, and some sour gummy worms.

Mmmmm...bloody eyeballs on toast! Gross to look at but delicious to eat - cream cheese, mixed with Italian dressing mix, topped with lovely olive pupils! We had eyeball stirrers for our punch, and a pumpkin bundt cake. (not my best cake!lol)

For the grownups during our scary movie - fruit, cheese, crackers, & a veggie tray with dip!

These little cookie & swiss roll graves were delicious!! There were candy necklaces for the three kids to string, too...

And to fit with the gross theme, this dip, which is usually a mixture of pineapple preserves, horseradish and dry mustard, then served over a block of cream cheese, was blended together. Instead of my Jezebel sauce, it became Jezebel's vomit dip. Nice & classy, right? It tasted good though!!

So now I am planning a similar get-together for this year. I will still have the puking pumpkin, and I am making some cupcakes that will have icing piped on to look like mummy wrapping. The rest of the menu is up in the air! I have been looking at the Top ten Halloween recipes at Taste of Home magazine, where I am a new Field Editor. They have some great ideas! I think I bought half the Halloween department at Walmart the day after Halloween last year!! (Gotta love those 50% off sales!) So this year I have more serving dishes, plates, napkins, and other Halloween decor to use for this get together!

Do you have any fun or unique Halloween recipes? I'd love to see your pictures and recipes of Halloween treats!

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  1. What a great spread!!

    The most I have ever done was Graveyard Pudding, and that was for a party at school!

    You sure Halloween right!

  2. Wow, THANK you so much for sharing all this at **6 weeks 2 SPook** How fun, ,everything looks great, and kinda gross, which is GREAT in this case, lol. Im so glad you found me, and I am def your newest follower. Thanks agin, Bella :)

  3. That pumpkin is really not feeling well.


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