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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great grocery/drugstore trip!!

Today I made several quick trips - Walgreens, CVS, Publix & Kroger. I spent $78.90, but saved $140.98!! I planned this trip out by store last night, using

Each store got an envelope with the coupons I would need. I went to Walgreens first, so I could get my Register Rewards and use them at Publix (they accept them as a competitor's coupon!). Then after Publix I went to CVS, then to Kroger last. I got some great things - grits, oatmeal & waffles for breakfast, ground turkey for some dinners, lettuce, grapes, apples, pears, bananas, a mango and a bag of salad, 3 bags of Kraft cheese, six 8 packs of Juicy Juice, Claritin, contact solution, Thermocare patches, bathroom cleaner, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, two Revlon lipsticks, garlic bread, popcorn, canned veggies, mashed sweet potatoes, and a lot more!! Coupons really help my family save a lot, while still buying the items we enjoy and things that are healthy, too. And lots of splurges -like that lipstick!

It feels so good to buy well, stockpile, and still be saving a lot of money!! For this two week pay period, I've only spent $148 (usually stay under $200).


  1. I shopped like that a years and just got to busy for it all. I miss the thrill of "the score" and in fact my daughter made a comment just the other day about the amount {or the lack of} groceries we get for the money! {smart girl} lol

    Great "score" by the way :D

  2. Thanks!! : ) I know what you mean about being too busy. I have to do my coupon/store matchups late Saturday night, then most of my shopping is done early Sunday morning! I do my best work on my coupons when everyone else is in bed! lol It is such a great feeling to save so much!! I've started teaching classes locally to help others learn to use store sales & coupons together to get the most for their money!! Oh, and your daughter is a smart girl to notice that! : )


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