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Friday, September 17, 2010

Easy Dinner Ideas when you are short on time!

Well, this week has about knocked me on my butt! I've done so much running around, what with my mom's birthday, David's soccer practice & game, grocery shopping, tons of little errands....I'm worn out!

Today I am going to share two of my crazy-day, (or lazy-day?!) dinner ideas.

When we are running short on time, or I'm tired and not up for making a full dinner, I love to do an appetizer dinner! That's what we had last night ~ chili cheese dip, Friday's spinach artichoke dip, and Friday's potato skins with some Tostito's scoops. Everyone got a plate with a little of each of the above, with not a whole lot of effort on mom's part! The chili cheese dip is canned chili, a little cream cheese, and some cheddar cheese, all heated together and mixed well. And the Friday's apps were on sale B1G1 at Publix this week, so I paid under $3 for both of them. It was a nice change of pace, and we all enjoyed it! We had a soccer game, so this was a quick and easy dinner.

Another easy but great dinner idea is to make breakfast! Tonight my fabulous daughter volunteered to cook - she made pancakes & turkey bacon. Delicious! We usually have eggs & sometimes grits, too. But it was 91 degrees and so hot, she didn't want to stand over the stove anymore. (She got a taste of what her mom goes through on hot evenings! lol) Everyone enjoys the breakfast foods, and there's just something fun about eating pancakes for dinner!

I also do a lot of freezer cooking (mostly chicken dishes - cranberry chicken, teriyaki, BBQ, Buffalo, etc) but sometimes we get tired of chicken!!

Do y'all have any easy, go-to dinner ideas?
I know, this is a totally lame post, but my brain is mush right now!! I have a couple more crafts in the works, and hope to finish my fall wreath tomorrow too! So something more interesting will be up soon. Til then, TGIF!!

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  1. just read this! what a clever idea! i always say i could make a meal out of that stuff. just did my freezer cooking, too.


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