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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dollar Store Hurricanes vs $118 Williams Sonoma Hurricanes...

So many awesome bloggers out there have been making the knock-off Williams Sonoma Hurricanes, so when I saw the pieces you need to make them just sitting there at Dollar Tree, I had to get 'em!!

Just in case you haven't seen these before, let me tell you what you need to make them. For each hurricane you'll need a glass vase with a curved top/lip, a glass candlestick holder, and one of the plain white, skinny jar candles - all are easy to find at Dollar Tree. Oh, and get some good adhesive while you are there too....

Center & glue the bottom of the vase to the top of the candlestick holder, and let them bond together. Then add the white candle in the jar into the vase. You can add other decorative items if you'd like.

I made two - one is for my bathroom to sit next to the tub.  It's filled with shells and a candle.

The other is sitting on the table by the front door. I deconstructed a floral pick that I already had, made of berries & wooden prim stars, and used those to fill the hurricane.

I really love how this one turned out - it's just perfect for Fall. These hurricanes will work well for lots of holidays - for example, Christmas I could accessorize the white candle inside with greenery & red berries, or maybe some cinnamon sticks?

This was SUCH an easy project - anyone can do it, and you'll save bunches of money off the original from Williams Sonoma! (Although truthfully, even if I had $118 to spend on decorating a table, I would NEVER spend it on a hurricane lamp/candle!)

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