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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Goodwill makeover

I have been so inspired by several other bloggers' recycled cheese board/dome makeovers, (especially Thrifty Decor Chic and House of Hepworths) so last week I headed to Goodwill and found my own!

I painted the board black, but wasn't really loving how it turned out.

Yesterday David & I had to spend a few hours at Walmart while waiting for a new tire to be put on the van, and a light to be replaced. We browsed the store, and I ended up getting some oil-rubbed bronze spray paint. Then we went over to Goodwill and I found the perfect wooden candlestick holder. It was $1.21, and was already painted black.

After we got home, I grabbed the board I painted last week along with the new holder, and headed out to the deck with the new paint.

This is the final result. I love it!


  1. This is so neat! I just hate that my goodwill sells mostly retail items (I'm.Not.Kidding.) Retail and it says it on the sticker on the back, and they aren't eligible for any percent off discounts because they are from a retail company. I wish out salvation army store was a step up too... it literally has dirty clothes on the racks, and broken appliances everywhere. They are even closed at 12 pm on fridays... bummer.

  2. You could also look for items like these at garage sales, thrift stores or consignment stores. I found out that our Goodwill cycles items with others (we have two within 6 miles or so, plus dozens throughout Atlanta), so we are lucky that there is new inventory every Monday!


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