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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stick to your list to save big $$!

This week, I've made several small trips to Publix, and one to CVS. I love going to Publix a few times a week because I can use a Rite Aid or Kroger $5 off $25 or $5 off $45 coupon each time with my other coupons and sales to really maximize my savings! I make a list of the best sale items, pair each up with my coupons, store or competitor coupons, and try to always have a $ off $ coupon to use as well! Sticking to your list (which will be the best sale items) is how you can really save big - no impulse buys, just the best prices, matched with coupons so you can pay the least amount of money out of pocket!

This week Publix has one of the best deals I've seen on Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks. As part of the B1G1 sale, they are 2 for $2.59. Pair that with a 50 cent off 2 mfr coupon that doubles to $1 off, each box is about 80 cents! David eats these for school snack several days a week, so I'm stocking up!!

The Hillshire Farms smoked sausage is one of my husband's favorites. They were on sale 2 for $5, paired with a store coupon for $1 off 2, and a mfr coupon for 75 cents off, making it $3.25 for 2 packages of smoked sausage.

The Sargento cheese was on sale 2 bags for $4. Pair it with the store's $1 off 2 coupon, and I paid $1.50 per bag. That's rock bottom pricing for cheese!! And don't forget - you can freeze cheese, so stock up when it is super cheap like this!

The total spent out of pocket for the items in the picture was $13, the savings were $27. I got 3 boxes of Kleenex, 2 sodas, 1 Vitamin Water, 2 bags of Sargento reduced fat cheese, 4 packages of Hillshire Farms sausage, and 4 boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks. (The retail cost for those alone would be over $12 usually!)

Next up is my CVS trip, which I made on the way home from Publix!
I got:
Dawn dishwashing liquid on sale for 99 cents, used 25 cent off coupon
2 Colgate Total toothpastes used 2 75 cent off coupons, got $5.98 ECB back (@2.99 each)
2 boxes Quaker True Delights Oatmeal on sale 2 for $5, plus $2 ECB back, used 2,
$2.oo off coupons
1 family size Herbal Essence Shampoo on sale for $6.49, plus $2 ECB, used $1 off coupon
2 bags Brach Candy Corn on sale for 99 cents each - used 2 99 cent off coupons from the CVS scanner machine
1 kids ibuprofen - no coupon, but we needed it! $3.00

I used $2 in ECB to help pay for this, but out of pocket I only paid $10 and change! AND best of all, I got $9.98 back in ECB to use later. In the words of my 16 year old - "how beast is that?!!!"

So again, I have to say how important it is to match up sales, coupons, store coupons, and deals that give you ECB back. I only get things we will use - the toothpaste will go in my stockpile, the shampoo is for my Katie-bug, and the oatmeal is something the kids eat all the time! It was a great deal because I needed it, had high value coupons, and they paid me ECB on top of it all! There were similar deals on makeup, facial products, and body wash, but I didn't need any of those, so I didn't get them!!!! So if it's a good deal, but you don't need it, don't waste your money!! : ) You're not saving $$ if you are buying things you don't need or use.

What was your best deal this week!?


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  2. Thats my kind of girl...great job shopping with coupons... I been doing this for 3 years and love it.. BTW thanks for the visit at 2 Boys+1Girl=OneCrazyMom, following you back...


  3. Thanks for posting deal ,check out for more new deals


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