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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Setting up for a spooky weekend...

Oh my gosh, do I ever feel like a chicken with its head cut off!! The weekend is almost here, and I'm starting to FrEaK out because I have so much left to do!! I am really bad about procrastinating, and I went and did it AGAIN!!! Anyone else have that problem!? : )

So my list of things to do is going here. Maybe I will actually get it all done if I post it publicly?! We have a soccer game tonight, I work in David's class tomorrow for their Fall Festival, and Saturday morning our favorite small-town library is having a quick Halloween party, so dropping in for that. SOLD OUT! We may go to the bookstore while I run errands - they are having a Halloween party I think.

The rest of the next 3 days I'll be cleaning, baking, cooking and decorating for our annual get together with dear friends - get ready for this - the Adams Family!! Steph and I went to high school and one year of college together, and we have managed to stay friends for a long, long time. This is our second year of a Halloween dinner/movie/trick or treat night. The kids go out with the dads, Steph & I catch up and put the food out, then we all eat together and enjoy a scary movie, great food and wonderful fellowship!! Last year my recipes and foods were kind of scary/gross, but I have decided to really pare down my menu because I'm really not sure I will get all this done! lol It's going to be easy to make food that will be tasty, and a little scary. I still have a few ideas for some other foods, but I'll have to wait and see

Clean ~ foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, shampoo carpet in living room, dining room
Have kids clean - all the baseboards, Katie's (guest) bathroom, put clothes and school things in their rooms, Katie's room, David's room
Bake: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, devils food cupcakes, Turkey Bacon Cheeseburgers with rolls
Cook: frozen pizzas with cheese jack o lantern faces
Assemble: layered mexican dip with green goddess spiderweb on top, apple nachos, chocolate dipped oreos, frozen juice hand for punchbowl (ended up not making punch, so didn't need this)
Wash: Grandmother's candleabra for my bloody-dripping candlesticks, & punchbowl & glasses for juice (didn't end up using)
finish faux painting last kitchen countertop
paint as much of the kitchen walls as I can get done! didn't do this - ran out of time!
cut out and hang black paper bats
LAUNDRY monster downstairs must be tamed!
DH's Honey-do list written & delivered to himlol
Holy moly - I'm never gonna get this all done!!

What are your Halloween plans? What are you & your kiddos going to be for Halloween? I'm not dressing up, but the kids are: David will either be a ninja or an army man, and Katie is going to be a silly 16 year old Dora the Explorer. Teenagers *shakes head*!!!

And the million dollar question ~ what kind of candy do you give out? Usually we have one or two good kinds and the rest is smarties or lollipops. This year we have a huge assortment. Fun size Hershey bars, Kit Kats, Butterfingers, Reeses cups, Reeses Fast Break, Smarties, Lollipops, Sweet Tarts, Nerds, and Tootsie Rolls, plus boxes of stickers, and some spider rings. Thanks to awesome sales at CVS & Kroger, and good coupons, I was able to get all this great candy for under $12, so I hope we have lots of trick or treaters this year! : )

Ok, sorry for the rambling. I'm so tired and feeling overwhelmed, but putting it all down in a list makes it easier to cross each item off as I go! Y'all have an excellent evening, and I'll try to have some good stuff on here tomorrow!


  1. LOVE the list...hope you get everything checked off and enjly your party....

  2. So you have a relaxing weekend ahead you say?

    Hope the soccer game and fall festival went well. We have a similar crazy insane weekend ahead as well.

    Baseball and soccer game, annual pumpkin party and trick or treating!


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