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Saturday, October 2, 2010

An Amazing Shopping Trip to Publix!!

Finally had one of those AMAZING shopping trips you only see on tv or some article about an extreme couponer! I have to share it - so y'all on the fence about the value of couponing will see that it IS worth your time and energy to do it!!

I went to Publix with a list based on the B1G1 sales, plus my coupons. I also had a $5 off $25 purchase from Rite Aid, and a $5 Walgreen's Register Rewards. Because I am a member of several sites that let you preview their new products, I had a coupon for a free bag of Perdue whole grain chicken nuggets, plus coupons for free boxes of Wheat Thin Sticks and Triscuit Flat Crisps.

I paid, used the above coupons, plus various mfr coupons for everything else (except my double Atlanta Journal Constitution Sunday papers).

My total? $1.44
My savings? $56.24
That included: $24.22 in vendor coupons, $10.50 in store coupons, and $21.52 in special price savings (B1G1's).

I bought 19 items, including Snyder Pretzels, 2 packs of Tollhouse Cookie Dough, 3
4-packs of Yoplait Fiber One yogurt, 4 boxes of Superpretzels, a Sara Lee Carrot Cake, 3 boxes of Krusteaz Pancake mix, plus the papers, chicken, and two boxes of crackers! Granted - this was just a supplemental trip to add to my stockpile - none of this is our regular food (except the yogurt!), but it is nice to have treats in the fridge and freezer for after school snacks - especially if it cost under $2 for all of it!

Best. Shopping trip. Ever!!

What's been your best shopping trip savings?


  1. wow! gotta come to one of your classes soon. go girl!

  2. Melissa, I would love to have you at one of my classes! : )


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