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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting organized....

I have a large drawer in my kitchen that we used to stick plastic grocery bags in. It also holds my foil, clingwrap, ziploc bags, and napkins. To say it was unorganized is an understatement! This morning I was feeling crafty, and since it is grey, soggy and super-humid outside, I'm staying in!

I read a few of the blogs I follow and felt inspired when I saw this project at Homemakin and Decoratin, and I had to try it! I gathered an old Pringles can I'd saved, plus scrapbook paper, brown ribbon, and my handy dandy bottle of matte mod-podge. The whole project took about 15 minutes, plus drying time. It's now hanging on our utility hook on the side of the pantry, holding every single bag from my drawer - success!!

What crafty things have y'all been up to this month? Please post a link so I can stop by & see! : )


  1. Great job! And it's so cute! Thanks for linking to my blog post :) Glad you enjoyed it. That project seems to be the most liked on my blog.

  2. What a great idea. I have one of those crazy drawers too but I spent a little $$$ on little divider thingy's at Target and now the drawer stays organized. Of course I have to keep those plastic bags OUT of the way.....


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