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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why you should visit Day Out With Thomas

Do you have a little Thomas the Tank Engine fan at your home? We sure do! My David is almost 7 but he still really likes anything Thomas. So when I heard that there would be a Day out With Thomas weekend in Cordele (about 3 hours south of us), I was on it! This was David's big birthday present from us (his birthday is next month). We ordered tickets online last week ($18 per person, plus service fees), so yesterday morning, we left our home at about 6:15 to be there as instructed at 9:30.

The drive down was uneventful. Katie was enjoying her phone's music player, and David was reading. My DH slept! We got there and were surprised at the huge line in front of us to get into Georgia Veteran's Memorial Park, where the event was held. We parked in a huge field, there were about three full rows in front of us. We got out and hurried to the line for the shuttle to take us to the staging area.

After about a 25 minute wait, it was our turn to ride the shuttle, and we headed to the other side of the park. Once there, we made our way to Will call for our tickets. We had about 10 minutes til our train ride, so we walked up to the train line and it was soon time to board!

We sat in the front of our car, and it was really cool - two rows of seats facing each other, so we could all look out the window. Most importantly, I could watch my little boy's eyes light up as the train pulled slowly out of the station! David was glued to the window, taking in the sights.

We went out over Lake Blackshear, which was a little scary to me, but super-cool to David. The leaves are changing and look so beautiful, so I concentrated on that, and not on the thin little strip of ground the train was on in the middle of the lake (which has alligators - ewwww!)

The train ride lasted about 25 minutes. When we got off back at the station, we went for a couple pictures of Thomas, then got in line to meet with Sir Topham Hatt. Then we walked around a bit, and got a Thomas tattoo for D. If we'd had more time, there was a lot to do - a mega blocks building tent, bubble tent, moonwalk, huge gift store, video viewing and story telling and probably more that I am forgetting!

We made a quick stop to the military display by the parking lot before we headed another hour south to surprise my Nana! We took some pics of David with assorted planes, tanks and guns, then hit I75 South again!

It was truly a wonderful day, one that David won't soon forget. He really was thrilled to see his favorite tv character up close like that, and it was a great way to spend some family fun time. Katie, at 16, didn't think it was that cool, but she was a great sport.  **Update - David is almost 12 now, and he still remembers this super-fun day our family enjoyed together!**

To find out if there is a Day Out With Thomas event near you, check out their website. It's really worth the time and money to make a special memory with your family!

**This is not a sponsored or compensated post. I only wanted to share our experience from this event!! **


  1. My great-nephew is a big Thomas fan...he would love a train ride like that!

  2. My two oldest LOVED Thomas! My youngest has just discovered it. They would all still love that. Looks like a great day.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner


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