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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Had to take a little time away!

We've all been so sick this past week - dumb allergies!! Today has been the first day I felt semi-human again, but I have the worst cough right now and I'm so hoarse!  Really ready to feel good again.  Then to top it off, my laptop's power cord DIED on Wednesday!! My DH ordered another one online, and we were sharing his cord, then THAT cord died too!  We've really had a rough week, feeling bad and not having our internet!! Luckily, about an hour ago,  I remembered my Dad gave Katie a laptop, and sure enough, there was this cool little bag included with an iGo Juice cord - and it works for my laptop!!  YEAH!! So for now, I've got power!!   the new cord should be here this week....

I just drew the winner for the Betty Crocker Prize Pack (congrats Louis!).  Next I have a review/giveaway coming up this week for Shaklee - I have to say I am very impressed with their cleaners!! I cleaned my oven Friday with a really nice smelling (think bubble gum scent!) scouring cleaner.  First time I've EVER cleaned the oven without the windows open and fans on full was a pleasant change, to say the least!  More on that later this week...

Also, we'll be traveling down to Orange City, Florida in less than two weeks for a nice weekend trip.  The Holiday Inn Express there is going to give one of my readers a TWO NIGHT stay!! Orange City is a wonderful destination because it is halfway between Daytona Beach and Orlando!! So you can easily venture to the beach for a day or two, then head to Disney or Universal for the day too - it's the best of both worlds.  Can I tell you that my kids are counting down the days til we leave? I'm actually letting them skip school that day - we have conferences that week and there won't be much going on that Friday.  I am ready for a break from Atlanta, allergies, traffic, and my daily carpool runs! : )  So get ready friends, two more really great giveaways coming up in the next few weeks!!  Hope you are enjoying these first few days of Fall, and I'll be back later this week, hopefully feeling better and ready to share some of my Fall decorating ideas and recipes!

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