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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to make decorative clothespins with scrapbook paper

Day whatever of still being sick. I can't talk without coughing, so I decided to hunker down at home and make something fun & easy! (so I'd feel like I got something done today...)

I love to use clothespins to close bags of chips, brown sugar, bread, whatever...they are easy to store & if I break one, it's not a big deal! (Back when I used to break those tacky plastic chip clips that cost a dollar or more apiece, that would make me feel like I wasted $$ ~ hate that!)

When I sold my soaps and other items online & at two local stores in 2009 -2010, these decorative clothespins (sold in sets of 6) were one of my best sellers!  I would make forty or fifty clips a day in big batches.  Then at the beginning of 2010 I stopped selling my items and slowly but surely, my supply of cute clips has dried up.  Today was the perfect day to replenish my junk drawer with a few more of these little cuties....

What you need:
newspaper to cover the table or surface you are working on
$1 bag of clothespins from Dollar Tree
scrapbook paper, decoupage tissue, ribbon, fabric - whatever!
mod podge (I like the matte version for these)
foam paint brush
scissors, pencil

Using the paper, tissue or fabric, I like to cut a rectangle (by eye, not measured) about twice as wide, and a smidge over the length of the first clothespin.  Then turn it over and trace one side of the clothespin.  Next to that tracing, flip the clothespin over and trace the other side.  Cut those two pieces out, lay aside.  Do the same for each clothespin you want to cover.  (Don't just cut the pieces all the same as the first pin - each pin differs slightly in size, width, etc.  It takes more time, but the final look is better if you trace every one separately!)  If using ribbon, cut a piece slightly longer than your clothes pin for each side.  I like to use a coordinating ribbon on the second side - fun to mix things up!

Brush the first side of clothespin with a layer of mod-podge.  Apply paper, fabric or tissue.  Smooth out any air bubbles, and  let dry.   Once dry,  apply a layer of mod podge over the top of the paper or fabric.  Let dry.  Repeat two more times.  Then, flip over and do the other side exactly the same!  (That is why I do at least 10, 20, or even 50 at a time because by the time I finish one side, it's time to do the next step on the first ones!)   For the ribbon covered clips only: once the final layer of mod podge is dry, trim the end of the ribbon to match the length of the pin.  With the mod podge on it, there should be no fraying!

Once they are dry, you can add a flower, button or ribbon accent to make it even cuter, but that is not necessary!   (on a side note - if you live in Atlanta, check out Scrapbook Clearance Center in Buford! EVERYTHING is half off there.  The tag on the back of each item is the original price, when you go to checkout, they take 50% off your total purchase - LOVE! These sticky-back buttons were only 99 cents a pack - I use them in scrapbooks and on cards too! The little spools of ribbon in the top picture were only 49 cents each! SCC is on Buford Drive, next to Plato's Closet - across Hwy 20 from the Mall of Georgia)

These look really cute on a bag of chips or pretzels - much more fun than a plastic clip that says "chip clip" across it!  I like to package 6 of them (in a coordinating paper or fabric) in a plastic bag tied with a ribbon to give as a little gift, too.  (Easy teacher gift!)

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