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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's for lunch Wednesday #2

This week's lunch is a result of an impulse buy at Walmart Sunday, and getting down to the end of my perishable groceries (I shop every 2 weeks, and I'll go again tomorrow!)  He doesn't get Capri Suns, chips or cupcakes often!!

This picture stinks, too - I was in a hurry and it shows - sorry y'all!  Inside the Cars reusable bag is a peanut butter & honey sandwich on wholegrain thin sandwich rounds.  The pirate bag has D's favorite natural sea salt & vinegar chips.  There's a container of Trader Joe's applesauce & plastic spoon, a wedge of Lite laughing Cow cheese and a mini cupcake (the impulse buy from WM - half price cupcakes!)  He has a Capri Sun lemonade for a drink, with an ice pack to keep it all fresh.

The pirate bags were in Target's Dollar Spot a few weeks ago - he loves them!  The little lunch note was in a pack I got from Toys R Us when I got his new lunchbox & back pack for this school year.  On the back there is either a trivia question, joke, fact or place to write a note! I think he likes them - I find them in his room, folded up from his pocket! : ) 

Please share your kiddo(s)' lunchbox contents in the comments section  - all moms can use new ideas!! Better yet, let's all share a picture once a week to help inspire each other with fun or fresh ideas for food, treats, and special touches for our kids lunch times!

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