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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's for lunch Wednesday #2

This week's lunch is a result of an impulse buy at Walmart Sunday, and getting down to the end of my perishable groceries (I shop every 2 weeks, and I'll go again tomorrow!)  He doesn't get Capri Suns, chips or cupcakes often!!

This picture stinks, too - I was in a hurry and it shows - sorry y'all!  Inside the Cars reusable bag is a peanut butter & honey sandwich on wholegrain thin sandwich rounds.  The pirate bag has D's favorite natural sea salt & vinegar chips.  There's a container of Trader Joe's applesauce & plastic spoon, a wedge of Lite laughing Cow cheese and a mini cupcake (the impulse buy from WM - half price cupcakes!)  He has a Capri Sun lemonade for a drink, with an ice pack to keep it all fresh.

The pirate bags were in Target's Dollar Spot a few weeks ago - he loves them!  The little lunch note was in a pack I got from Toys R Us when I got his new lunchbox & back pack for this school year.  On the back there is either a trivia question, joke, fact or place to write a note! I think he likes them - I find them in his room, folded up from his pocket! : ) 

Please share your kiddo(s)' lunchbox contents in the comments section  - all moms can use new ideas!! Better yet, let's all share a picture once a week to help inspire each other with fun or fresh ideas for food, treats, and special touches for our kids lunch times!


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  2. These lunch box ideas are great and interesting too. Kids get bored of the same and typical lunch box, if they get variety in lunchbox they enjoy eating them rather than buying unhygienic food from the bakery and canteens.


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