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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's for lunch Wednesday?

I often talk with other Moms on FB, Twitter, discussion boards and in person about what our kids are eating for lunch.  I'm not thrilled with school lunches, especially since Mr. Picky Pants will usually eat only a bite or two of his $2 lunch, and drink a chocolate lowfat milk.  That doesn't give him the protein or nutrition he needs for the 2nd half of his school day.  The options our school offers don't thrill him.  (Well, there are 5 or so meals a month he will eat, but that's it)

So most days, I pack his lunch in his cute little Star Wars lunch box.  I thought that once a week I'd try to share his favorite lunch here with y'all, and ask for comments on what your kids eat in their lunches!  I run out of ideas, so new menu ideas are always welcome!!

Here's D's fave lunch of this week (he's buying Thursday & Friday because he likes the food those two days!)

Yesterday's lunch was: low salt wheat thins, a mini cream cheese pack to spread on them, grapes cut in quarters, a Go-gurt, mini S'mores Luna Bar, and an orange juice.   (plus an ice pack to keep it all cold)  He ate everything but some of the grapes!  He doesn't eat a lot of meat, so the Luna bar offers protein, as does  the cream cheese... I included an Ikea plastic knife for the cream cheese, which he brings home for me to wash...

One easy way I like to make lunches fun for D is to put a cool napkin in there. I buy holiday-themed ones after the holidays, as well as any clearance ones at Party City, or other specialty stores.  This week he gets Star Wars napkins, which I found in the birthday party section of Target for under $2! 

What are some of your kids' favorites? 

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