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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living a more balanced life with Cerra

I was excited to be chosen to try a sampler box of products from Cerra that was sent to me by Shespeaks.  I had done a little exploring on their website and really liked the idea of a line of products to make life more balanced and happy - who wouldn't welcome that?  With all of the running around I do, life gets hectic.  I forget to slow down and just breathe, and I don't always enjoy the moment.   Cerra's products help you to "be aware ~ act ~ reflect".  This is something I truly need in my life!

In my sampler were three packages of tea, a pack of keepsake notes, a pack of dissolving notes with a watercolor pen, a bottle of sensory oil, and a tube of hand and body lotion, along with a card containing the seven intentions.   Those are seven universal human virtues that help us to be mindful of how we're feeling and remind us how to act with purpose.

The three teas I received were:  Gratitude White Tea Infusion, Grounded Tea Tisane and Creative Tea Tisane.  The Tisanes are naturally caffeine free infusions of herbs, not tea leaves.  I haven't tried these yet, but they smell delicious.  I can't wait to enjoy a steaming cup while I reflect upon my day.

The Gratitude keepsake notes are one of my favorite things - they are scented pocket-sized notes.  There are 14 cards with a space for the date at the top, and  lines to write about something that makes you grateful.   The more you write, the easier and more beneficial the keepsake notes become.  You are encouraged to save the notes you write and reflect upon them from time to time.  What a wonderful way to remember & count your blessings!  The Gratitude fragrance is a light floral with a fruity blend.  It includes peony, jasmine and balsam oil.

The dissolving notes are something we can all use!  They remind you to be aware of your emotions and release them ~ so you can pursue a more balanced life!  You're asked to be aware of how you are feeling, act by writing it down on the note, then place it in the water to dissolve away!  Then reflect - how well did this work for you?  This practice can help you effectively manage your moods as they occur.  Such a great idea - when you get angry, sad or hurt, write down what happened and how you feel, then let it go!

The Creative Energy sensory oil smells delicious!  It's a mix of fresh, fruity citrus with cardamom and juniper berry.  It's an invigorating blend that is said to unblock your energy and help your creativity come through! I put a dab of the oil on my wrists this morning and I think it's working ~ I'm blogging much earlier than I usually do! ; )  There is a "ritual" included which you can practice as you apply the oil.  It can help you connect with the feelings you link to a given intention.  (again, it helps you to be aware ~ act ~ reflect).  Using the oil and the Intentions card throughout the day can help you shift into a desired state of mind. (ie Gratitude, Grounded, Loving Kindness, etc)  I am going to get several of these oils!

I like the Grounded hand and body lotion - it combines patchouli and ylang ylang to merge calm with comfort.  The lotion left my hands silky soft and smooth without the greasy feeling some lotions leave behind.  I'll be buying more of this! 

I am a big believer in the power of aromatherapy!  As a soapmaker, I love blending oils to make scents that wake my customers up, or calm them down after a busy day.  I really like how Cerra has thoughtfully blended oils together to perfectly complement each of the seven intentions.  

 If life is often hectic and a little crazy for you, I encourage you to check out Cerra's website. (I love the beautiful music playing on the site!) The products they sell are meant to help us enjoy life a little more, and stress a little less.  As I mentioned before, I'm already a fan, and will be buying replacement items for those I was able to sample for this review ~ I can tell they will make a difference in my life!

Disclaimer: I received a sampler pack of Cerra products as detailed above, but received no other compensation.  I was not asked to blog about the products, but I really liked them and I believe some of my friends and readers will as well.  All opinions given are completely my own.

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