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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday decoration tour

Here are a few of my favorite decorations and ornaments this year....

This is one of Walmart's fab $1 glitter churches - I put it on some glittery basket filler, under a glass light dome from Goodwill, topped with a glittery bow. It adds so much sparkle to my bookshelf!

This is one of my fave ornaments.  It's a snowman painted onto a knife!! There is wire wrapped up the handle, to hold a bow and hook.

My baby, 16 years this ornament so much!

This is a special ornament David made in kindergarten last year.  Precious!

Can you guess what this is? It's a crushed coke can, painted to look like Santa! Katie made this in 1st grade!

One of my vintage ornaments from my Papa & Grandmother's collection.  Isn't she beautiful?

Not the best shot, but this is the kitchen table, covered with Randy's grandmother's tablecoth over a cream colored cloth.  I added peppermint candies to the vase for a pop of red and white after this was taken!

This is where my Vintage Ornament Tree ended up.  With 18' ceilings, anything tall is good!  I like how it looks up there, & it is safe from the kiddos!!

This was my Great Aunt Charlotte's.  It was passed on to me from my Grandmother's Christmas ornaments Dad gave me.  It's sequins, attached with pins into folded points of fabric on a styrofoam cone.  So vintage!! Another favorite!

The most precious things to me... my beautiful kiddos, December 2010.


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