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Monday, December 6, 2010

Very proud mama!!

Yesterday was a great day.  We took both kiddos to my husband's office down in Atlanta for a very special Artists Reception.  Both our kids submitted drawings to a Christmas card contest his office sponsored back in October.  David drew a really cute mantle & Christmas tree scene, and Katie drew a lovely pastel church on a black background with a full moon shining above, and snow everywhere.  And lo and behold, she won the grand prize!! Her drawing was selected to be the company's Christmas card this year, going out to vendors, customers and others.  David didn't win for his age, but the company still honors each artist at the reception.

First the kids had their pictures taken in front of a large board that had all of the pictures mounted on it.  They received name tags that had a color copy of their drawing on it too.  We joined the other families in the office's cafeteria for a delicious light lunch of Zaxby's chicken fingers, veggies, and Christmas treats.  Then it was time for the awards.  Katie was called up first, she received a savings bond and a $100 gift card to Target.  She also got her original drawing matted and framed ~ so lovely!! And of course, 25 copies of her Christmas card, which credits her inside, and has my husband's name as well - he is very proud!! We met the company's President, who congratulated Katie for winning and thanked my husband for having the kids participate.   Soon it was time for David's name to be called.  He was very happy to receive a $10 Target gift card, which he will totally spend on books! That boy loves to read!

Katie with her winning pastel drawing. 

DH missed getting a shot of David getting his certificate & gift card, but he did get Katie clapping! ; ) Luckily, the company photographer took pics, hopefully we'll get copies!

Before we left, we went downstairs to the Children's Christmas party his office was hosting right after the reception.  David got his face painted, made spin art, a pinecone Christmas tree, decorated cookies, got a doggie shaped balloon from a clown, plus they each got a fantastic goody bag that had lots of Christmas silly bandz, which both kids (yes, the 16 year old AND the seven year old!) LOVE!!

Decorating sugar cookies - yummmmmmm!
Katie's yummo cookie!

David's face painting - run gingerbread man, run!

It was a great day.  I was very proud that both kids participated, that both kids used their creativity to create their drawings, and that Katie won! This was her first time entering, and David's second time.   I have to tell you, both kids can't wait to enter again next Fall!!

My kiddos - they are my life, and my heart!! (this is last year's Christmas picture - I'd better get busy on this year's!!)
And Randy & I are so very blessed to have these two sweet, talented, loving & amazing kids.
Thankful, thankful, thankful.  Thanks for letting me brag on them!!


  1. super awesome!! pass on a pat on the back for us!

  2. Thanks for joining Surfin' Saturdays! Following you back

  3. Fantastic! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time :)


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