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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I thought I lived in the South?!

This is the 2nd day of single digit wind chills, and teen temps in the morning.  It is 12 degrees here, with a wind chill of one!!!!! ONE!!!!!  Drove my daughter to the bus stop because it is too cold to wait outside.  Not looking forward to making two grocery trips, plus one to the Dollar store....brrrrr!

Hope your day is warmer ~ bundle up, y'all!

~ Aimee


  1. hey there, Aimee! You have such a cute blog here:) Love it! I am now following you thanks to Boost My Blog Friday.. a little late but never too late, right?:)
    Oh and don't forget to stop by today and check out our easy steps to become a successful blog! See you there! Happy Tuesday:)

  2. I just got off the plane from a visit to Atlanta (can't miss a ride on the Pink Pig!). Snow! Atlanta. Now I am back home in OHIO. Can't get a break. Diana from the Closet Crafter

  3. The weather is ODD where I am. Ac on one night, heat is on the next. Bizarre! :)

    When I went to pick up our CSA veggies this morning, my toesies were frozies even though last week, I was fine in flip flops! :)

  4. I moved from Peachtree City to Grand Rapids, MI about 4 years ago. I would trade for that weather over THIS icy tundra any day! Speaking of which....I am about due for my semi-annual trip to GA!


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