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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The yummiest, easiest Christmas treat ever!!! (if you can find the ingredients at your store!)

I saw this yummy delicious Christmas treat on Welcome Sunshine Home, a wonderful blog I found recently through a blog hop and just LOVE!  You have to visit her post and see her candies  - they are much cuter than mine (explanation ahead!) and she has a link to a darling printable that goes along with these perfectly.  As soon as I saw these candies, I knew I'd be making them.  I HEART Candy Cane Hershey Kisses, so this treat is perfect for me!!

I woke my kids up to drag them with me to Target first thing this morning.  I didn't want to spend any cash (aka vacation money) so I had an Rx gift card to use, which I received for transferring a prescription.  BUT - they were out of the square pretzels, and they didn't have the candy cane kisses.  Oh No! I decided to get the regular pretzels and mint m&m's - I would figure out the kisses later! 

Getting off the point here, but then we had a side trip to my Mom's to drop off her loaf pans from my baking earlier this week, a run to Chick Fil A so Katie could buy herself a chicken biscuit with her work earnings, and a run to Honey Baked Hams for our Christmas dinner.  We got a delicious smoked turkey breast with sweet potato souffle, cornbread dressing, broccoli rice casserole and sliced ham for DH, too.  Big huge thanks to his office ~  every Christmas we get a very nice gift card for HBH from them.   We eat very well on Christmas Day!!

So back to the candy quest.  After a stop at Kroger for gas, we ran into Walgreen's.  All the while I'm thinking - nah - they are so small they won't have the variety.  Oh yes they did!! I got 2 bags of candy cane kisses, and paid 43 cents out of pocket thanks to the Wags gift card balance I had left! 

Dropped Katie off at work, and finally got home.  I lined my biggest (and oldest!) cookie sheet with wax paper, preheat the oven to 175, and started lining up the pretzels.  This first batch used one whole bag of candy cane kisses. (well, except the two that the tips were broken off of.  I couldn't make ugly candies, right? I  mean, that is why I HAD to eat those two...)  I finished the extra pretzels with some hugs I had leftover from some baking earlier this week.

I did learn from this first batch - the second time I placed the kiss more towards the bottom (larger hole) of the pretzel so it would melt more evenly over the pretzels.  I baked them for about 5 minutes, then started sticking the mint m&ms right on top.  It was tricky at first, the melted candy goes everywhere, so I had to get good at aiming it towards the hole-y part of the pretzels to cover as much as possible!

Then I put the whole cookie sheet in the fridge to chill.  20 minutes later I popped them off the paper and onto my favorite plate.

I'm bagging them up and will add the printable tag later - stay tuned for that picture lol! 
If you make some the right way, with the square pretzels, they'll look so cute!! I'm happy with these, but wish I'd found the right pretzels for them.

PS ~ Don't ya love the vintage poinsettia table cloth? It was Randy's grandmother's, and I just adore how it looks on the table!!


  1. These look great! And easy enough for even me to handle - I'm a great cook and a horrible baker :)

  2. Found your fun blog through blog hop!!

    Those treats look DELICIOUS!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I make this same recipe but use Rolo candies instead of the candy cane kisses. These look yummy and are much prettier than the Rolos! Next year I will definitely try a batch with the kisses.


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