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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to make Pretzel Turtle Candies & Pretzel Kiss Candies - yum!

So this morning, my sister called to tell me that the recipe I shared yesterday was like, old news.  It's been making the rounds evidently, and I was out of the loop. I feel dumb now! lol  Anyways, while we were talking she suggested I try this variation too - it's like a Turtle, but better because of the salty/sweet combination!

So my very kind husband ran to the store (okay, two actually) to get the ingredients for me.    I had some pecans in the freezer, so I toasted them with a little salt while we waited for R to get home with everything.  He brought three rolls of Rolos and a bag of square pretzels!! Thanks honey!  I laid out the pretzels, topped them with a Rolo and melted them in a 175 degree oven for about 6 minutes (watch them carefully!!) I also had 3 candy cane kisses from yesterday so as you can see, I added them on the sheet!

When the pretzels come out, smoosh (is that a word?!) a pecan on top of the melty Rolo.  Yummo!! Chill until set, then you can remove from the wax paper. 

I gave a small bag of these to my Father in law tonight and he said they were delicious!! I'm making more tomorrow for my family's get together tomorrow night.

~ Aimee

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