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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kids Birthday Parties

Quick question for y'all...

We're trying to put together a small party for David's birthday - his 7th!! For the last three years, he has wanted a Chuck E Cheese party, but this year he is wanting something different. I'm considering a party at the Monkey Joe's jumpy place, or the bowling alley where the kids could play laser tag, bumper cars and arcade games. For 5 kids either of these will run me $100 just to put the kids in the party - not including cake, goody bags, or any extras! I'm just not crazy about having a party at the house - just don't have the room! So I've got to find something - I don't want to spend that much if I don't have to...

So here's where I need help from you...Where do y'all have your kiddos' parties at? I need some ideas, and FAST! What places am I forgetting to check?

Thanks for any feedback - I appreciate your ideas!!

~ Aimee



    If you scroll down about half way there are three posts I did for Parkers birthday party... a banner and food and stuff that I did on a budget!

    I am sure whatever you decide will be WONDERFUL and beautiful!

    Be blessed-

  2. Sorry as I ALWAYS like home parties... but when space is an issue that can be tuff. I can't wait to hear what you decide.

  3. Does he like video games? Cool idea I just found... go to My neighborhood had this festival and this huge van comes and these tv's flip out the sides and they can play wii games & inside there are seats and tvs & more games. They would come to your house. I'm totally doing it for my son's 9yr old party next year. Have fun!

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