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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Day 4 of our juice fast!

Just a quick check in ~  We're on day 4 now.  I am feeling a little better, the hunger is not nearly as bad now! I've lost 7 lbs,  too!  That is enough to keep me motivated.  I will probably be eating either fresh fruit or a small salad a couple times a week just to help with the hunger.  Our favorite juices are the fruits - not a big fan of the spinach, cuke or kale - but trying to get that in at least once a day.  Our favorite is watermelon juice with a little carrot juice - yum!   Oh, and Katie weighed herself yesterday, she had lost 3 lbs! 

So things are going well - it's just really hard to rid yourself of the feeling/habit that you have to "EAT" 3 times a day.  Not to mention the mindless snacking, or tasting I would do making the kids' dinner just a week or two ago!  I am going to buy some chicken today and make David some baked chicken nuggets I can keep in the freezer to heat up a few times a week.  He also has had a quesadilla for dinner, and last night RR picked up Chick Fil A for him, so that has helped me not have to mess with food too much!  Easy meals for him make it easier for me to not feel any temptation!

This is definitely doable, people! I had my doubts on day 1, but a juicing fast has been easier than I thought.  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was such an inspiration!   One thing I learned - I won't do a huge produce buy again - I'm still trying to finish juicing all that!  Once our Vitamix arrives, it will be easier, but our current juicer is so difficult to clean, and I have to do everything in SMALL batches when I use it.  So I am juicing for about 1 1/2 hours a day, but it  still takes forever to get through our purchases from Saturday night! (For example - 3 small bunches of spinach took me 40 minutes!) Can't wait to get our Vitamix!

Hope y'all are having a great week!! 

PS ~ Is the pollen bad where you are?  It SUCKS here!! I'm taking Claritin-D but it is not helping much! 

Don't forget to follow our juicing journey on our juicing page ~ see link at the top of the blog, or here!


  1. you are braver and stronger willed than I am that is for sure!!! I don't think I could do it!

  2. : ) I didn't know if I could do it - but now I'm feeling ok! If I do get super-hungry, I won't feel bad about having apiece of fresh fruit or a small salad. I just really want to feel better, and I already am starting to - so it's a great thing for me!


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