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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 1 of 60 day Juice Fast/Day 2 off caffeine....

Oh boy.  I knew today would be hard, but dang!! It's 4:15, I'm starving, and I would probably fight someone for food right now!  I know most of it is in my head, and in about 3 days things will be so much easier!  But today bites. : (   At least I have a pretty mug to drink out of...

For breakfast I made us a juice from some of my frozen cubes.  I blended them to make a slushie - it has been so hot here, and that seemed to be a refreshing choice.  I used watermelon, pineapple & orange juices.  It was very good!  Katie, Randy & I all had that for breakfast.

For lunch,  I made a juice of: kale, spinach, cucumber, red grape, green grape & orange juices.  It was pretty good - served it over ice.  RR was at boy scouts with David, so Katie & I drank this at about 2.

We hit up the Dekalb Farmers Market down near Atlanta last night. So now I have a ton of  fresh produce to juice tomorrow:  pears, spinach, tomatoes, cukes & zucchini, celery, gala apples, pink lady apples, granny smith apples, watermelon and clementines.  Here's hoping I will be feeling better by then! ; )

Oh, and here are a couple picks of the juice cubes I'm freezing....that is really working out well, because I don't want to juice every day.  We ordered our Vitamix yesterday,  I can't wait til it arrives!! 

I'll write again tomorrow....hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. That is a great idea for freezing the juice.


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