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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Food!

So it's time to share last year's get together with our great friends The Adams.  I've known Steph since December 1984, when we moved to my new high school in the middle of my junior year.  We became fast friends, attended the same college for a year together, and remained friends throughout the years.  Now she is married with a teenage daughter and we try to get together a couple times a year. (In fact, they are the ones who invited us along on the trip to Orlando the day after Christmas last year!)

Last year was our 2nd annual Halloween get together.  We do snacks, dinner and desserts, while catching up and watching scary movies.  Paranormal Activity, Mirrors, etc....  plus lots of candy, trick or treating and kids running in and out throughout the night!

So here are the pics....I can't believe I didn't get a wide shot of the food table!!

I know my Grandmother would not like knowing her candelabra holding my "bloody dripping candles"!  I simply bought a red candlestick, lit it, then let the red wax drip onto these white candlesticks (over a paper plate to catch drips).  The candelabra is one of my favorite things from Grandmother.  My sister has the other one - they sat on Grandmother's buffet and when we were little girls visiting Papa & Grandmother in Orlando, we'd always swing the crystals and listen to them clink together!! 

My coffee table served as the apps table.  We had a shrimp cocktail platter, plus fruit and veggie platters.  I made a 7 layer Mexican dip and the green goddess dressing was squirted on in circles, then added the web design over them! 

My puking pumpkin.  He's puking my turkey bacon cheeseburger filling as the dip.  I served this with small rolls to make mini sandwiches.

This pumpkin is filled with "pumpkin poop" - they are just sprinkled donut holes from Dunkin Donuts!

Jack o'lantern pizza using sharp cheddar shapes.  I'll use larger pieces of cheese next time!

More of my food table - the sticks with eyeballs are drink stirrers,  the eyeballs in the bowl are to float in drinks or just eat - they were gummy. I had extra black plastic tumblers to hold my black cutlery.    The sign in the back was from Dollar Tree.  I used a water & metallic bronze paint "wash" it to give it a more weathered look. (originally stark white!)

My zombie girl

So sad - this was the only pic I got of my soldier boy - and he literally bounced out of the frame - too much sugar!
The Aftermath of our appetizer table!
One of my hurricanes filled with candy corns and creepy spiders from Pier One!
Fall Mantle, 2010
 oops- here is another food picture....
Apple nachos - sliced apples topped with melted marshmallow fluff, drizzled with caramel sauce, then topped with chocolate chips and sprinkles!

 I hope you enjoyed this peek at last year's party/dinner.  I didn't do as much with the food as the year before, but we sure had a great night with great friends!  Can't wait til this year's event - I'm still planning the menu but it's coming together nicely!  What's your Halloween specialty? Do you host a party or go to someone else's? Leave me a comment, or better yet, a link to your ideas! : )


  1. Check out my Halloween pinterest board here for some ideas.

    My Halloween party got canceled, such a bummer.

  2. The food all looked soo good. I especially love the touch of the spiders with the candy corn. Great idea! :-) Can't wait to hear about this years party!

  3. Thanks Heidi! I am now following you & Chance on pinterest!! : )

  4. The food looks so delicious, even if you didn't get a wide shot of the food table. Hehe! By the way, may I have the recipe for your Jack O'Lantern pizza? =] It looks so yummy and tempting!


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