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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to make Thanksgiving on a bun....

Today I had to get to the grocery store to restock - I  haven't been in about 2 weeks and we were out of milk, fresh fruit & veggies, etc.  As I wandered the aisles looking for the items on my list I was thinking about how this time next month I'll be shopping for our Thanksgiving meal - yummm!  I love the flavors of Thanksgiving - turkey, cranberries, dressing (aka stuffing) and all the other goodies we enjoy that day.  I was buying ground turkey anyway - it's a staple in my freezer, so I decided to get a can of whole berry cranberry sauce because it was on sale!  Anywho....when it came time to prepare dinner, the kids said they wanted to make their own dinners, and my husband had ribs from the deli.  I was still thinking about Thanksgiving,'s what I did for my dinner....

19 oz of ground turkey, the can of whole berry cranberry sauce, a box of turkey flavored stuffing (already had in the pantry), and my favorite mixing bowl.

I mixed it all up - no other seasonings or anything else went in - just these 3 ingredients. It was looking kind of nasty as I mixed it together, honestly.... I was really hoping this would turn out okay!

Then I started making patties.  This made 10 good sized burgers for me!

I separated the layers of burgers with foil and then put them in a gallon size freezer bag. They are in the freezer for dinner one night next week.  (I kept one out for me to cook for dinner tonight though!) 

I cooked mine in the oven rather than frying it on the stove.  I usually serve our burgers on those thin sandwich rounds that are whole grain because they are healthier than those white buns from the bakery.  Tonight I used a 100 calorie (toasted) english muffin for my bun since that is the bread I've got out now. (I usually take one package out of the freezer each week!)

I served it with a squirt of Ken's honey mustard.   Oh my goodness,  it was SO good.  It really tastes like Thanksgiving on a bun - with all of my favorite flavors in one juicy bite.   The seasonings from the stuffing mix really came through, and the cranberries were amazing! The burger was super-moist and had so much flavor.  

It will make for an inexpensive dinner when I decide to serve these burgers too - I have the bread in my freezer from a previous sale (under $1), the ground turkey was $2.99, the cranberry sauce was $1, the stuffing was from a previous sale - $1, and the Ken's honey mustard was from a previous sale - under $1. That makes 10 (counting mine tonight)  flavorful burgers for under $8 including buns and sauce!   One delicious, smart meal!  If you decide to try this, let me know what you think!  I may try this as a meatloaf soon, too - wouldn't that be amazing?

What are your favorite flavors of Thanksgiving?  Leave me a comment!!


  1. Thanks! I had one for lunch Thursday too - they cook up in the oven pretty quickly, and are so, so good! : ) I'm hooked!

  2. another use for cranberry sauce? I think this is brilliant and festive appropriate !


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