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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway: Kate's Pastries Gluten-Free, Organic Baked Goods

Time for another giveaway - and this one is soooo sweet! : )

My wonderful friend Deb sells her herbs and plants at local farmers markets. While working at the Suwanee Market, she met Kathleen, who is the owner of Kate's Pastries. Kathleen makes super-delicious treats that are heart healthy but still taste great.

She sent us a loaf of her delicious Sweet Potato Bread to sample and it was...incredible!! It's gluten-free, which I have to admit, initially made me think it might not taste as good as "regular" baked goods. Was I ever W.R.O.N.G.!!! There is so much flavor packed into each slice, and it is very rich and moist! Such a treat for breakfast or a snack. Even Mr. Picky Pants (my seven year old) asked for seconds. I love Sweet Potato anything (click the link for my delish Sweet Potato Pie recipe!), but this bread is now at the top of my Fall Favorites list!

Kate's Pastries' Sweet Potato Bread
(photo from Kathleen's Etsy shop page)

Here's what makes Kathleen's baked goods so special:  They are gluten-free and baked with natural and organic ingredients. All are homemade! Here's what she says on her Etsy page:  "We have made it our passion to incorporate natural and organically grown ingredients in all our products such as: organic stone ground whole wheat flour, organic unbleached white flour, organic flax seed, raw wheat germ, etc. Oh, did we mention that our pastries are hand-made and baked? Yes...each Kate's Pastries product is made with the T.L.C. that your tastebuds deserve. We are dedicated to giving you a unique snacking experience while keeping your heart healthy!"

Deb had the opportunity to try most everything Kathleen sells at the market, and she said it's ALL delicious! In addition to Sweet Potato Bread, she offers Banana Bread, cookies, and mini pastries filled with cream.  I plan to order some holiday treats from Kate's Pastries ~ they are just too good!

Kate's Pastries'  Chocolate Hazelnut Mini Pastries (available with or without Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Filling)
photo from Kate's Pastries Etsy shop page

Now on to my favorite part:  Sweet Kathleen has offered a $10 credit (plus shipping for the $10 in products) to her Etsy shop to one of my fantastic friends here. My Rafflecopter form makes for a quick, easy entry process!  Just click the "Read More" below to enter. 

The credit is good through December 1st, so she can be sure you have your baked goods in plenty of time for the holidays. Her yummy products are priced at $3, $5, and $7 each so you can get a couple of things with this wonderful prize!! A HUGE Thank You to Kathleen for sponsoring this giveaway ~ she rocks!!

Disclaimer: Kathleen provided me with a loaf of Sweet Potato Bread to sample with my family.  All opinions above are my true opinions. No other compensation was provided for this post.  Kathleen is giving the $10 credit to her shop, as well. 


  1. I really want to try the sweet potato bread!! YUM!!!

  2. Id like Signature Gourmet Fillings in Vanilla !

  3. The chocolate hazelnut cookies look amazing, so that's what I'd most like to try.

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