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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some tips for couponing this week!

There is a print out coupon on either smart source or for Taco Bell dinners ( at the grocery - includes dinner kits, taco shells, sauces, etc) that is for $1 off. Use that with the BOGO Publix sale - you get 2 for $2.69 - $1 coupon = 85 c each.

Marie Callender dinners are BOGO for $2.99 ~ use a $1 off coupon (I am pretty sure it is from All You magazine, this month), you get two for under a buck each - I got two of the Pasta Al Dente dinners.

Hunt's catsup is bogo for $1.39 - buy one, use 20 c off mfr coupon from the paper a few weeks ago = 29 c catsup!

Stayfree Pads are $2.85 e - use Publix BOGO coupon plus two $1.00 off coupons = 43 cents each
these are a great thing to donate to a women's shelter!

Kraft Cheese is 2 for $4 ~ there is a blinkie coupon (I got mine at Kroger this week) for $1 off 2 = $1.50 per bag

AT CVS: If you have any Extra Care Bucks to "play" with - get the Ban deodorant for $2.99, use $1 off coupon. Get back $2 ECB. Also buy 3 Power Bars (two flavors for this deal - peanut butter or cranberry oatmeal) for 99 cents each, get $2.97 ECB back. If you haven't bought a green bag tag - you should go ahead and get one for 99 cents. Attach to your own reusable bag, or just keep on your keychain and place your purchases in your purse after you pay - you earn $1 for every 4 visits that the tag is scanned!! It's an easy moneymaker - especially if you go to CVS often. We have 3 or 4 within a 5 mile radius, so I can pop in often and I always have them scan the tag!

Walgreens - Ecotrin is on sale for $2, and there was a coupon a few weeks back for $2 off. I only found 1, so I bought 1, paid 12 cents tax, and got $2 in Register Rewards. Bought a 2nd bottle, paid 12 cents plus the Register Rewards. I am planning on giving one to a new friend who takes low dose aspirin, and one to my mom if she does. If not, we'll find a place to donate it. The RR did not roll over (meaning if you pay with a RR from Ecotrin, it won't print another $2 RR for you) on this deal, unfortunately. But if you had a bunch of the $2 coupons, you could walk away wth a bunch of $2 register rewards (just make sure to do seperate transactions ie - buy one box, get the RR, buy the 2nd, get RR, buy 3rd, get RR) if you by them all together, they will only print one $2 RR. My Publix takes RR as a competitor's coupon so I save them to use at Publix!

At Kroger: One tip I can share about finding HEALTHY, good food for cheap involves Kroger. I prefer to go either super early, or in the early evening. I always make a beeline for the produce department and look for items with the orange/yellow markdown tags! Today I got: a bag of salad with cabbage nd carrots for 79 cents, 2 iceberg wedge salads with bacon/bleu cheese dressing for $1.99, a pack of 5 bags of Chiquita apple slices with cinnamon dip for $2.19 (and used a $1 off coupon!) Also the bakery had a wonderful loaf of garlic bread for $1.29 - with salad, that was a perfect dinner! I also picked up a pack of premium hamburger rolls that had been 2.49, but were marked down to 55 cents. If we don't use them by tomorrow (I've got chicken burgers in the freezer that would be perfect with these!), then I'll freeze them for later. Kroger often marks down their organic dairy products in an open refrigerator chest near the milk cases. We've gotten Silk milk for under $1, organic sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and more - all for under $1. They also mark down tofu items, veggie hot dogs, etc. Many of these can be frozen to use later.

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