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Monday, June 14, 2010

Not feeling the coupons this week

I have to face some fears and have dental surgery later this week. I'm dreading it, but at the same time, ready to get it over with!

And let me just tell you about the morning I had! I am doing a study with a local research company. Today was my 2nd study visit, first time with the company I'm working for. Today involved me sitting in a room with four super-nice Japanese researchers and an interpreter, a photo studio, interviews, graphs, getting to wash my hair in a sink, then style and dry it twice, all while being filmed and photographed. Wow - not what I was expecting at 8 am! lol It wasn't awful, but it was very strange having people filming me. By the end of my 3 hour visit, I was kind of getting used to having a guy filming me look at myself in the mirror!

I bought 3 papers yesterday, and I've cut the coupons out, but haven't filed them yet. Tomorrow will be my shopping day, and I'll try to make some dishes the family can heat and eat while mom is in bed taking pain meds Thursday through ?! I didn't even do a CVS trip this weekend. Can you believe it? I did hit up Kroger for $1.99 almond milk (99 c and $1.45 with coupons) when I got my papers yesterday. Other than that, I haven't even looked at southernsavers!! I will probably be the same way next weekend, but after that I will get my coupon game back!

This has to be my most boring post ever, (Well, maybe the Japanese researcher part made you smile?) so I'm gonna sign off and go fix some dinner for my kiddos!! Y'all have a wonderful week, and I'll be back with something more substantial soon!


  1. I used to do some of those research studies for big companies, but nobody ever washed my hair or put me on film! That's more faun that filling out surveys about packaging or saving poopy diapers!

  2. It was pretty cool, honestly! Except for the language barrier - I would say something, it would be translated to Japanese, the researcher would say something, it would be translated to English - took FOREVER to do the interview!! : )


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