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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CVS Super deal this week!

I am heading out this morning to do our biweekly shopping. CVS has a super deal: buy 3 Power Bars for $1 each, get $3 extra care bucks back - that means they are, in effect, free. My husband can't eat a lot at work, as he gets super-sleepy, but a protein-rich Power Bar is a good meal for him there.

You can do this deal once per CVS card. We have two - one for me, one for my husband. I'll go to two stores (both within 3 miles of home) so we'll have 6 Power Bars, and $6 in ECB! At CVS, I try to buy things we 1)need, 2)are on sale, 3) have coupons, and 4) get me ECB back for future trips! This deal fits 3 of the 4 qualifications - I don't have any coupons, darn it! I currently have $2 in ECB to spend, so I'll only pay $1 out of pocket for the first store's Power Bars!

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  1. Your blog is SO inspiring! I use to do The Grocery Game, but that fizzled out after awhile, but now I'm reconsidering after reading your blog and remembering all those great deals out there. With just a little time and effort you really can save tons of money. Thanks for the tips!


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