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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fast trip to Publix - saved $14

Woke up this morning with a very stuffy head; Spring has arrived in Atlanta, getting my allergies going! Oh well ~ had to get to Publix for my double paper. It's raining, so grabbed my AJC from the driveway too, so it could dry out before I cut. At Publix, I grabbed the papers ($3), and headed to the cereal aisle. My kids love chocolate Cheerios, and I had a $1 Publix coupon, plus a 50 cent mfr coupon, and they are BOGO for $3.99. So it ended up being $1 a box for 2. Went to the frozen veggie section and got 2 Bird's Eye veggies ~ they were 1/2 off, ($2.39 each - so $1.20 each on sale) and used a $1 off 2 coupon. That meant two bags of veggies cost about 60 cents each. Ore Ida steam and mash potatoes are also BOGO for $3.99, and I got one, used a $1 off coupon. So $1 for that. Then I went to the Hallmark aisle - there is a $2 off coupon if you buy any 3 cards, and I got 3 99 cent cards for 97 cents total! Also grabbed a Woman's World magazine. My total ~ $11 for all that! I'm cutting my coupons from all 3 papers today so I can make a bigger trip later in the week to Publix and Kroger. :o) I love couponing!!

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