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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I freaked out my kids on April Fool's Day

SO glad to see the sunshine again!! We've had SO much rain the last couple months! Today is bright and beautiful ~ the sky is gorgeous, everything is feeling spring-y outside, and my heart is happy!

I'm trying to get ready for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow ~ the kids are going to complain, but I am making a faux shepherd's pie for supper, plus a green punch to drink, and Lucky Charms cupcakes for dessert! The next project I'm working on is April Fool's Day. My poor kids - I always try to trick them! This year I'm doing a pet theme. Dinner will be a variety of weird appetizers, including dip served in a (new!) doggie bowl, with bone shaped crackers for dipping! Dessert will be that really gross cake in a (new!) litter box, complete with "litter" on top and a few tootsie rolls for effect. Again, my poor kids!

** update** here are some pics. We just used regular crackers for the dip, but the kids were so freaked out by my kitty litter cake!!**

Holidays are so much fun, and I'm realizing every day how truly short time with our kids is. My daughter is almost 16, and I swear just last year she was in elementary school! It's flying by, and I don't want to miss a minute of the next few years with her still here at home! And my little guy is 6, but he loves all my holiday stuff!

Coupon update: Very happy with our coupon savings from yesterday & today! For 2 weeks of groceries: Publix: spent $29, saved $29; Kroger: spent $139, saved $93.01, CVS: spent $26, saved $16 in coupons & got $9 back in extra care bucks. Our grocery budget is $100/week - I came in a bit under this time! :o)

Enjoy your day, I hope it is sunny for you, too!!

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