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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I've been reading...

All the cold and rainy weather has given me some great time to catch up on my reading! I have a shelf full of books from, my mom, and my Nana that are just begging to be read! So, here are a few that really made an impression on me!!

The Birth House by Ami McKay
Driftwood Summer - Patti Callahan Henry
Between the Tides - Patti Callahan Henry
Styles by Maggie Sweet - Judith Minthorn Stacy
The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domingue
The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards
Snowflower & The Secret Fan - Lisa See
The Spare Wife - Alex Whitchel

These were all amazing books. I've read a few others by Patti Callahan Henry and they are really good - set in the south, and with really relatable characters! The Birth House was very interesting to me because it talked a lot about herbs and their uses, which is a topic I always enjoy, and Snowflower started out slow, but my mom told me that if I hung in there, I would LOVE it. She was right!

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