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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Series: White Water: the NEW #DiveBomber!

Hey y'all! How is your summer going? Ours is AWESOME so far! We've been to Alabama to visit family, we've been to the pool, lots of park visiting, plus Six Flags White Water and Stone Mountain - two of our favorite Atlanta destinations!

Today I am excited to share our day at White Water with you and tell you about their coolest new ride ever, Dive Bomber! It's a thrill ride like no other at the park! So, here's the scoop....

Earlier this month,  White Water invited us to visit and check out their brand new thrill ride, Dive Bomber.  I was so excited, as I practically lived at White Water during my high school summers. We lived in Marietta so it was really close and so much fun! I was a sunbather back in those days, so I preferred the Little Hooch, White Water's version of the lazy river. There was nothing better than floating down the river, soaking up the sunshine! No cares, no worries, nothing but sunshine and lots of cool, refreshing water lapping at your toes.

Yep, I spent many summer days there. Good times!  Then I grew up and moved to the other side of town.  I haven't been to White Water since my oldest was a preschooler. (She just got married last year, so you know it's been a while!) So it was way past time for a visit with my youngest.  That morning we met up with our good friends Renea & Blake and headed out early so we'd get there for the grand opening of Dive Bomber!

Once there, it felt like being home again.  Seriously! I remember so many fun days at White Water, and it looks very much the same.  They've added lots of new slides since then, though.

Our boys, getting ready to experience White Water for the first time!

Our first stop was the all new Dive Bomber ride! It is the tallest slide ever built at White Water.  It's approximately 100 feet tall, and you climb 144 stairs to get to the capsule on top!  Step inside, and check out a really great view of Marietta before you the floor literally drops out from under you....then you will fly at almost 90 degrees down the waterslide below.....wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Here's my kiddo, and in the upper left is #Dive Bomber. You can see the railing in front of the "capsule"
 that drops you down, and the slide underneath.

I didn't get the best video of the slide, but here you go!  Our boys were not quite ready to take on Dive Bomber that day, so we were content to watch people drop down the slide.  (Be careful where you stand at the bottom, because you can get seriously soaked down there!) Everyone we talked to who tried Dive Bomber absolutely loved it! What a great addition to White Water's slides - this is definitely a thrill ride you will want to try.

Here's a link to the Six Flags White Water park map, where you can see everything they have to offer! So many slides!

We stayed for most of the day and White Water treated us to delicious food and a fabulous cabana. Let me tell you, these mamas had the best time staying cool and shaded inside a cabana - they even have ceiling fans! Ours overlooked the wave pool, aka Atlanta Ocean and the Little Hooch Lazy River. Those were the places where our boys spent the majority of their time and we could keep an eye on them.  The cabanas are well worth the money if you want to splurge for the day! The boys came back often to cool down, enjoy a cold drink, funnel cakes or dippin' dots, then went back to the waves. The cabana  was a wonderful base camp for our families that day.

We enjoyed plenty of yummy food at White Water, too.  We tried the Buffalo Tenders and Loaded Fries - delish! They have lots of flavors of Dippin' Dots ice cream, the funnel cakes come in several varieties, and they have freshly popped popcorn.  Our boys sampled a little of everything that day!

Purchase a refillable 2015 Sports bottle (not pictured) and you get unlimited drink refills all season!  (They also offer a Deluxe Dining Pass for Season Pass Holders)

More about the park: 

There is plenty of seating, especially if you get there early in the day.

Some of the other places to play at White Water:  (full list of rides/attractions here)

The Tornado

Black River Falls, Photo from Six Flags White Water website

If you have little ones, there are several places for your kiddos to splash and play too! 

Buccaneer Bay (picture from SFWW website)

Captain Kid's Cove (picture from SFWW website)
Cabana Time:

Our cabana had a table and chairs for four, two lounge chairs, a storage locker, ceiling fan, plus food and beverage service.  It was great to have a private space to keep everything during the day.  So worth the splurge, and when the kiddos need to rest and cool down, they have a nice place to do so. Totally doing that again next time!

White Water offers Dive In Movies on Thursday nights in June and July; you can see the schedule here.   Great family fun night with the kids!

Six Flags White Water is located at
250 Cobb Parkway N #100
Marietta, GA 30062

Nashville/Chattanooga: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Birmingham: 2 hours
Montgomery/Huntsville: Less than 3 hours
Greenville-Spartanburg: Less than 3 hours Augusta: Less than 3 hours
Macon/Columbus: 1 hour, 30 minutes

You can win 4 passes to Six Flags White Water by entering my rafflecopter giveaway below!  (Only enter if you are close enough to Six Flags White Water Atlanta to visit this summer, location will be verified at the time of the drawing and out of area entries will be disqualified)  There are lots of ways to enter - Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Six Flags White Water provided our tickets, parking, food and cabana for the day, in exchange for a review on my blog.  All opinions given in this post are my own. No other compensation was received.  Six Flags White Water is also providing the prize for one of my readers. 


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Sadly we've never been to White Water in Atlanta. We've been living in GA for 17 years now. I suppose we need to go.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Sadly we've never been to White Water in Atlanta. We've been living in GA for 17 years now. I suppose we need to go.

  3. I would be terrified to do the Bomb Driver but my kids--they would be all over that!

  4. I would do the Bahama Bob Slide with my family. that seems like fun and I would so enjoy a ride on the lazy river.

  5. We have never been. Think Ryan would love it, just have to find a sitter for Joey.

  6. I really would love to ride the Tornado! that seems like fun!

  7. I would be a little scared to the Dive Bomber, my speed is more for like the Lazy River Pool than the Big Ones. However, I'm sure my niece and nephew would Love to go on it.

  8. I would like to ride the Little Hooch River. It looks like fun.

  9. The Lizard's Tail looks like it would be fun to ride.

  10. The Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool looks like a blast.

  11. The Run-A-Way River looks like it would be fun, especially when you're going through the Tunnels.

  12. My niece would have so much fun on the Tree House Island.

  13. My niece would also have fun on the Lilypad Crossing.

  14. The Tornado looks like it would be a scary fun ride.

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