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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Organizing Your Coupons

Almost every time I shop, someone stops me to look at my coupon box! So I thought it was about time to share my coupon box here so I can refer fellow shoppers right to my blog! : )

I start with these supplies:

photo storage box from Michael's (but don't forget to buy it on sale, or with one of their 40% off coupons from the paper or email!) Will cost under $3 this way.  I buy two at a time, I replace mine every 3 months or so - they get a lot of wear!!  Plus, I like to change up my box for a new color/pattern - I get bored!!

1 box of small envelopes from the dollar store (you'll replace these once or twice a year probably)

4 or 5 vinyl pocket folders from Walmart, various colors.  (when they go on sale later this summer for back to school, plan to buy a bunch for cheap!!) You can use 3x5 index cards until then - that's what I started with, but you have to replace them often - that's why I love the plastic ones I made!

I traced a 3x5 index card onto every available inch of the vinyl folders.  Cut them all out, set aside.

Open the flaps on envelopes, cut them off. 

Place a plastic (or index card) divider vertically in each envelope.  Label  (using a sharpie) with categories you want to use. (see list below of my categories for inspiration!)

Place envelopes in the box and fill those suckers up with all of your coupons!!

When I cut my coupons, I open all the inserts, then layer like insert pages together, so I am only cutting each coupon once.  Then when you file them in the envelopes, they'll be together.  

Go through your coupons once a month (end of month is best) to clear out the expired coupons, plus you'll remind yourself of what you have to use!

Here are my coupon categories ~ personalize this list to work for your family!

Air Freshener/Candles



Bread & Rolls

Biscuit/Cookie Dough

Boxed Meals/International Foods

Breakfast Baking



Cheese & Eggs

Cleaning - Bath


Cleaning - Floor


Deli & Meats

Eye & Ear Care

Feminine Products

Frozen Breads/Breakfast

Frozen Appetizers/Entrees

Frozen Fruit/Ice Cream/Dessert

Frozen Pizza

Frozen Veggies

Fruits - Canned, Snacks, Dried

Granola Bars, Protein/Diet Bars

Hair Care

Home Items - Bug Repellent, Light Bulbs, Office Supplies

Jellies/Peanut Butter/Ice Cream Toppings



Medicine - Cold, Flu, Allergy

Medicine - Kids

Medicine - Misc (1st aid, stomach, etc)

Medicine - Pain

Milk & Dairy

Milks (canned, boxed),oils, syrups (corn, waffle, etc)

Paper Goods

Pasta & Rice

Personal Care - Body

Personal Care - Face



Salad Dressings, Croutons, Pickles, Olives

Sauces, Seasonings, Marinades

Soap, Body Wash, Deodorant

Snacks - Chips, Nuts, Popcorn

Soup, Canned Chili, Tuna


Veggies - Canned

Vitamins & Supplements


I also have store envelopes behind the category envelopes  - In these envelopes I keep store coupons, rainchecks, etc






Michaels/Hobby Lobby

Local Stores/Deals


In the side of the box next to the envelopes I keep some small coupon books - my P & G one, a Target one, and the current Wags store booklet.

I carry my coupon box into the store every time I shop - you never know what you'll find on clearance to match up with your coupons! Sit in the cart seat sideways - it fits perfectly! I prefer this to the binder system, but everyone has their way of organizing - use what works for you!


  1. Wow! That is ORGANIZATION! Very cool. Also love the background of your blog...way cool! Following via the Relax and Surf Sunday Hop. Come on over!

  2. Love your organization! This was so helpful! Thanks Aimee!

  3. I tried this way and I failed miserably! Lol. Now I use the baseball card holders and am much more successful on my coupon adventures :-)

  4. This way doesn't work for everyone, but find what does work for you and stick with it - you will love the savings you can get when you are organized!


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