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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun & Easy End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts!!!

It's that time of year again ~ we are entering our last week of school! So I've been busy putting together teacher gifts!

This is what we gave David's Speech Teacher.  She always gives the kids treats from a bowl, and we thought a treat bucket would be a lot of fun for her room!

You can't really see how bright the ribbons were because of the sunshine coming in the window behind - but they were actually deep, bright colors!!  I used pink, white and green sheer ribbons. The plastic bucket came from Michaels.  I used a scrapbooking tag that had lots of pink & green to coordinate. Finally, I had a fun dotty gift bag that I filled with some tulle and then added the bucket for easy transportation to the school!

The two cards/presents in the picture above are for David's FOCUS (our school's gifted program) teachers.  He loves them - they have really challenged him the last few months and he loves spending his Thursdays with them!!

He drew them the SWEETEST cards and wrote them a note inside each, and we got them each a Starbucks gift card, which I wrapped in ivory tulle and tied with a sheer pink ribbon.  I used my heart-shaped punch to put a hole in the card, then tied a ribbon around the card package, so they wouldn't get separated.

My most-favorite gift this year has to be the one we put together for his amazing 1st grade teacher. David has gone from reading at his grade level to reading at a fourth/fifth grade level just since September.  He is the biggest bookworm you've ever seen!! He's doing great in all of his subjects, has been on the principal's list every quarter. She inspires him on a daily basis, and I can't thank her enough!! LOVE her!!

I found the inspiration for this album here.  Natalie used the cutest flower-shaped chipboard album from Michaels for hers! However, I was so bummed to find that (at least at my store) they no longer carry them at all - not in any size, shape, or price!  Darn it!  Luckily, I had a couple of small albums at home to choose from, though it's no where near as cute as the original idea I had in mind!  I used a brightly-patterned album that had clear sleeves inside.

I bought four gift cards to places we think she will enjoy. First, I played around with the the pages to figure out the layout I liked for all of them, then cut matching "tags" for the facing pages.  David wrote out the messages on each one in red marker. Then I gathered the die cuts and embellishments together, glued everything on, then slipped the completed pages into the page sleeves and it was done! Super easy, and it REALLY looks adorable! (well, maybe a little busy - I went crazy with the ribbon!!)

We have a scrapbook clearance store that ROCKS, and I got 4 rolls of adorable ribbon for 49 cents each.  This one was my favorite - "enjoy" in all different colors!!  You can see the scrapbook's cover pattern on the binding here, too ~ it's very fun & tropical!

It was hard to find any appropriate embellishments for a fiesta, so I went with a lemonade and a lime slice!

Yeah, maybe a little too busy on this page? I still love it! Isn't the polka dot ribbon fun?

Loved this pizza box die-cut!!

There wasn't much I could do to disguise this card cover! Oh well!!

Another favorite - just love these printed ribbons!

Love this one too - the stickers and ribbon looked really cute together!

This just might be my most favorite page - D wrote - Thanks for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious year! That is his favorite word! lol

I really, really hope she loves this as much as we do!  It's filled with a whole lot of love from my little boy, that's for sure!!


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