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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Two great drugstore deals this morning...

If you bought a paper (or more - I bought 8 today - so many great coupons!)  check out the smaller Smart Source (there are 2) insert.   Ours had Steak N Shake coupons on the back of it, and the last page before the back cover had a $2.25 off 1 Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent.    At Walgreen's this week, these are on sale for $3.49, plus you get $1.50 back in Register Rewards. (RRs)  I bought one today, but will be going back for more.   I got 20 gel pacs for $1.25 out of pocket, plus $1.50 RR! This is a great stockup price, so I'll be getting at least 7 more!!  I won't have to buy detergent for months - and that means the $ I'd spend on it can go towards something else we need.  Timing & bulk buying is how I save the most!
UPDATE:  I have gotten 5 boxes so far: Spent $1.45 inc tax per box, then they gave me the $1.50 in RR... My stores are now out of these, so I'll check back Friday or Saturday for the other 2 boxes I want!!

Remember that you have to do multiple transactions at Walgreen's to get your RR on each box of Finish.  And you can't use the Finish RR on the purchase of more Finish.  Well, you can, but they won't give you the RR on that purchase.  So get as many boxes as you have coupons, but ask for them to ring each box up individually, so you get the RR's each time. Save the RR's for upcoming sales at Wags, or do like I do - save them for Publix, as they accept them as competitors coupons!

At CVS this week, they have a great deal.  Buy any 2 Revlon make up items or tools, get $7 Extra Care Bucks. (ECBs) I had $2.50 in ECB already, and I bought 2 pairs of nail clippers at $3.29 each.  That put me at $4.10 plus tax out of pocket, and then I received $7 in ECB to use next time I shop - yay!  I will put these in my donate box so that when David's school does another health box for Haiti drive, I can drop these two nail clippers in and they will be used by folks who really need them!  The $7 can be used for upcoming CVS sales.  I also bought 3 packs of Extra gum for $2 total, and got $1 ECB back.  We love Extra so it was a regular purchase for me. 

What's your favorite sale in the Sunday ads today?

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