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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remember Alex Brown ~ Don't Text & Drive ~ RAB

As a Mom, it is heartbreaking to watch Extreme Home Makeover tonight.  This episode is about a precious family in Texas who lost their beautiful daughter Alex to a single car accident caused by texting.  Please take a minute to visit the foundation's website here and/or Facebook page here .  Most importantly, take the pledge to not text while driving here.  Then pass it spread the word that no text message is more important than your life.


  1. Heres a link to a great video that a Texas Defensive Driving company called Comedy Driving Inc is showing ( this was created by ATT for distracted drivers – it really hits home. Please don’t watch this video while driving.

  2. Hi, I'm from the uk and have just seen your story in extreme make over and was in tears watching what happened.
    If I can take the pledge then I will, as I'm now ashamed to admit that I do text and drive, even with my kids in the car.
    Sorry for your loss xxx :-)

  3. Hi ,I am 18 and from South Africa and saw your story about Alex , I'm really sorry that it happend to such a nice family and I appreciate what you are doing ... It does affect people and you guys are saving lifes. Maby you've just saved mine since i got my licence this year and was not aware of its dangers. Thank you and wish you well :)


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