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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How we spent day 3 of being snowed in!

So I haven't posted much lately - it's been busy after our trip to Florida, then returning and getting the kids back to school.  We heard we'd get some snow this past Sunday night, but figured it would be the usual Atlanta snow. My husband went in to work Sunday night, his office will put them up at a hotel so they can be at work whenever there will be bad weather of any type.  He's been there ever since.  Monday was a blast - the kids played outside half the day, we baked, made snow cream, drank cocoa, we had FUN together - it was a great day. 

Tuesday, the snow had a thin layer of ice over the top, and the kids only went out twice.  The little one got hit with a snowball by the older one - which led to a long nap (which I shared!).  Today the temps are below freezing, the wind chill is in the teens, and the kids went out once.  We're almost out of milk, the kids say they don't have anything to eat (despite my stockpile, lol!) and we've all got cabin fever.

 My husband is going to be at work til Friday night.  Did I mention that Monday morning I had an ear infection start, and today my face is swollen and my ear just aches? Yeah, I'm seriously over this snow! Not to mention this is the third snowstorm Atlanta's had since December 16th!  Feels like we live up north, seriously.  Georgia just doesn't get this kind of weather often!! Well, since you listened to all that whining, here are some of my fave snow pics of the last few days:

Never in my life have I seen this much snow at once in Georgia!!
Ice, Ice Baby!!

Stepping out on the deck - wow!!

The kids chose to sled down the garden side of the yard - hilarious looking, but fun!

Homemade vanilla snow cream ~ yummm!

The woods behind the house - beautiful!

And please stay tuned - I've got my Ripley's Review coming in the next day or two, and then some more after that! So much fun reliving the fun of our trip to Florida! : ) Hope y'all are staying warm!!


  1. We're sick of the ice too! Friday my son came down with double ear infection. Thankfully we got antibiotics. But Sunday my daughter started coughing terribly. Dr was closed Monday and Tuesday so I shared my sons antibiotic with her. Finally got into the doctor today (after slipping and sliding all the way there!) and she's got bronchitis (possibly pneumonia). Gotta love this weather. It completely incapacitates the city. We only got about 2" of snow which quickly turned into 2" of ice. Our yard looks like Alaska and we could skate across it if we needed to! :) Love your pictures!

  2. How is that ear, Aimee?


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